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Photo credit: Portraits by Johanna

Happy New Year!

First day of School 2014: Evan Grade 10, Alexander Grade 8, Sarah Grade 4 Immersion, Olivia Grade 2 Immersion, D'Arcy Grade 7/8 Teacher, Anne NSCC School of Business Faculty

First day of School 2014: Evan Grade 10, Alexander Grade 8, Sarah Grade 4 Immersion, Olivia Grade 2 Immersion, D’Arcy Grade 7/8 Teacher, Anne NSCC School of Business Faculty

I always find the new school year to be more of a fresh start than January 1st. Since D’Arcy & I both teach, the first week of school is always a big transition; the B&B is still running at full capacity, and we are juggling the responsibilities and stresses of getting ready for our students. This year, for whatever reason, it seemed to go more smoothly than normal. For the next six or seven weeks while it is still our busiest time, we will get everything ready for breakfast before we leave for school, and my parents, Dave and Deanna, along with our helpers Lori and Amanda, will be here to serve breakfast and entertain. We are a great team, and D’Arcy & I certainly appreciate their help.

While I’m not really ready to say good-bye to summer (we had a busy and fun one), I have enjoyed meeting my new students and first impressions tell me we’re going to have a great year. I do still intend to blog about some of our summer adventures when we took day trips or overnights around the province, to give our guests ideas about things they can do while here. As the leaves change, the days get shorter, and the nights get cooler, it will be fun to reminisce about this summer, and plan for next…


With our cousins from Florida, Oregon, and Alabama at the end of the Skyline Trail in Cape Breton. We saw a black bear eating a moose carcass along the way!


With the Florida cousins on a chilly July day at Peggy’s Cove – the weather certainly didn’t dampen our fun!

Lobster in the backyard with our American cousins

Lobster in the backyard with our American cousins


The crew after Tidal Bore rafting and mud sliding on the Shubenacadie River in an extreme tide the day before a “super moon”.


A wonderful visit with a school friend I hadn’t seen in over 20 years. Raina and her husband, Matt,  were here from Virginia for a family reunion.


Our family took some time to go canoeing on the French River in Tatamagouche.


We took a night off to camp in Tatamagouche. D’Arcy enjoyed doing the dishes in a more serene setting than normal.


My cousin Chad, and his bride Koren, got married at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax after a ten year courtship. It was a wonderful celebration!


I graduated with my Education Diploma from NSCC in August!

Gigantic lobsters fresh of the boat from Pictou with university friend Karen, visiting from Yellowknife, NT

Gigantic lobsters fresh off the boat from Pictou with university friend Karen, visiting from Yellowknife, NT


At Basin Head Beach in PEI


We ate lots of seafood – bacon wrapped scallops for Olivia at Alex’s 14th birthday dinner at the Gahan Pub in PEI


Three session of swimming lessons at Victoria Park Pool had our girls completing Red Cross swimming levels 6 & 7. Sarah also participated in summer swim team.


Our boys spent a week at Whitecap Curling Camp, living in residence at UPEI


An “all about me” quilt for Alex’s 14th birthday, made with love by his grandmother.


2014 was a great summer!


Turning the Page to August

Here we are in August and I am way behind in chronicling our summer adventures! Since my cousins left, we’ve been sticking close to home for the most part. Our school year is so packed with activities, that it’s nice to enjoy our home during the summer.  We’ve also been getting the little projects that get put off accomplished. In July, we painted our girls’ room; got a new washer and dryer (finally!) which necessitated trimming the shelves in our laundry room and getting it cleaned out, painted and organized; and got the garden growing.

The girls have been at swimming lessons and Sarah joined summer swim team at Victoria Park; she also dances once each week. She had a successful Highland Dance Competition in New Glasgow at the Festival of the Tartans, winning a 1st, a 2nd, and two 3rd place medals. Her baseball team came in 2nd place in regular season and will start play-off games this week. Alex has been house-sitting for people and worked stage crew for the local Spotlight Theatre. Evan has been a typical teenager going into high school and has been hanging out with his friends – we haven’t seen him since Wednesday! (He’s at a friend’s cottage on the Northumberland Strait, playing golf and board games.)

Yesterday, D’Arcy & the girls spent the afternoon at nearby Shortt’s Lake. D’Arcy’s brother & his wife were hosting the sailboat races, so D’Arcy went racing with Kevin while the girls swam and played with their cousins and helped their Auntie Kay prepare for the after-sail.

The weather in July was glorious (after the Tropical Storm) and while today is calling for rain, our lawns and gardens really need it! Hopefully, by not being torn to be outside, I’ll get some blogging caught up! :-)


Our little slugger!


A “Happy School is Over” barbeque!


The girls’ first night in their newly decorated room! They switch between top and bottom bunk on the first night of each month.


The garden is coming along and I finally figured out that if you put water bottles in the fold of the sheets while they are drying, they won’t wrap around the line in the wind!


Sarah and my dad, Dave – one of her biggest fans – at the Festival of the Tartans where she was Highland Dancing.


Me & my dad in front of the Clark Tartan


Sarah with her medals – 1st in Sword, 3rd in Highland Fling, 3rd Seann Truibhas, 2nd in Lilt


Evan learns to use power tools with his father


The beautiful new washer & dryer. Come do your laundry with us!


Our new great nephew, Thomas John, just moments old. He was born July 31st and belongs to our niece Megan and her husband, Rob. Photo credit: “Dad” Robert Perry

Summertime in Nova Scotia

We had a bit of a whirlwind start to our summer vacation here at the Belgravia. The last day of school occurred on June 28, while I was still at Cornell. I arrived home late (2 am) on the night of June 30 and my cousins arrived from Portland, Oregon, a few hours later. Phil & Susan are the same cousins whom we spent this past Christmas with. His younger brother, Richard, arrived with his wife, Aletha, from Mobile, Alabama, the following day. They stayed with my parents, and on July 5, Phil’s daughter Lori, her husband Adam, and their four children arrived from Florida for a week. The next few blog posts I make will attempt to chronicle our travels around the province while they were here. Because we are usually working full-out at the B&B, we don’t often get the chance to explore our backyard at this time of year.

We started off on Canada Day with a trip to Pugwash, to the Festival of the Gathering of the Clans where our daughter, Sarah was competing in the highland dance competition. This is an interesting competition which takes place in a beautiful setting, on a wooden stage with the water in the background. There are street vendors, a midway, and a parade throughout the day. It was fun for me to run into a number of my childhood friends who were also visiting. Sarah danced well, winning a 1st place ribbon for her Highland Fling, and 2nd place for her sword dance.  Afterwards, they rode two rides on the midway and got some cotton candy before we left to drive along the Sunrise Trail to Tatamagouche.

The dancers line up, waiting for their turn on stage.

The dancers line up, waiting for their turn on stage.


Sarah, #201, awaits the music for the Sword Dance


Proud of her two medals and second stamp





My maiden name is Clark and the Clark family homestead is located in Tatamagouche, which is a beautiful little town on the Northumberland Strait, along the North Shore of Nova Scotia. Between the cousins, we still have somewhere close to 100 acres of farm and wooded property along the French River, which is the perfect place to picnic. One thing you should know while traveling in Nova Scotia is that certain parts can be buggy on certain days. If the wind is breezy, they usually aren’t too bad. On Canada Day, however, there was little breeze and we all had to use bug spray and put up a mosquito tent to avoid being bitten while we picnicked.


Playing in the French River


How many people does it take to set up a mosquito tent?


After we had a late lunch, we stopped in at the newly opened Tatamagouche Brewing Company and picked up a couple of growlers of their Hippy Dippy Pale Ale and Butcher Block Red to take back home. Phil and Susan had to be at the airport to pick up Richard & Aletha at suppertime, so we drove straight home.

We ordered pizzas for dinner, I got in the pool for the first time this year and everyone came back to join us around the fire for the evening. We climbed out onto the roof to watch the Canada Day fireworks – even my mom!


The Canadian “wannabe” from Oregon. ;-)


Happy Canada Day!!


Roasting marshmallows while waiting for the fireworks


My parents, Dave & Deanna, enjoy their family


Our American cousins – Phil & Susan from Oregon and Richard & Aletha from Alabama



We were lucky to have our family in town for almost two weeks, and took the opportunity to travel around the province a bit with them while they were here. I will chronicle these travels in my next few posts.

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A bucket list item crossed off

Yesterday, I was able to cross an item off my bucket list.

After four years of traveling to Ithaca, NY in the summer, I earned a Certification in Strategic Management from The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University. When I was a student at Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia, earning my Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, I would pour over the Cornell Quarterly Journals, filled with articles on current best practices in the industry.

Four years ago, during a Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) Board meeting, I learned of an opportunity to attend a Masterclass at the hotel school and immediately began the application process. After I finished that first course, I knew I wanted to finish the entire certification. The networking that I have been able to do through the people I have met has been invaluable. It is amazing to sit in a classroom and hear the stories of how others run their businesses around the world. This year, my class consisted of operators from Jamaica, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, India, Italy, Dubai, Kuwait, Guatemala, and the US. My professor for this course was Ali Kasikci, Regional Managing Director of Belmond, Ltd. (formerly Orient-Express Hotels). His responsibilities include the management of eight properties within the company’s portfolio: El Encanto in Santa Barbara, The Inn at Perry Cabin, Maryland, the iconic ’21’ Club restaurant and bar, New York City, La Samanna, St. Martin, Maroma Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, Casa de Sierra Navada, San Miguel de Allende, Copacabana Palace and Hotel das Cataratas, Brazil.

These courses take place during three full days of learning – early starts and late evenings. However, there is downtime as well. I was happy to have my friend Heather, General Manager of the Embassy Suites Hotel in Memphis, back in my class again. We were also staying at the same hotel, so had fun getting caught up since last year, and even made it to the Hanger Theatre in Ithaca on the second night, to see their opening-night production of “Around the World in 80 Days”. It was very well done and I’d recommend it as an activity if you are in this area!

The courses I had to take to achieve this certification were Strategic Hospitality Management, Strategic Marketing for Restaurants and Hotels, Strategic Financial Management, and Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times. Each course was an amazing learning experience for me.


First day of class


The content of the course gave me lots of food for thought – especially for use within my own classroom


Class time with Ali Kasikci


Heather & myself, reunited and enjoying the sunshine at the opening reception after the first day.


Professional Development Participants networking during the opening reception.


Stowe Shoemaker, professor of Strategic Pricing for Hotels: Leveraging Consumer and Marketing Knowledge to Enhance Revenue, Heather, myself, and Ali Kasikci, professor of Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times


There were many questions and discussions


Professor Kasikci was a wealth of knowledge


Heather’s group, presenting on best practices for performance reviews, and how the process can be improved.


Myself and Richard. He is the Director of Food & Beverage for Sandals Resorts in the Caribbean. We were finding new ways to improve internal communication.


Opening night reception at the Hanger Theatre in Ithaca for their play, “Around the World in 80 Days”


The view from my hotel room at the Hilton Garden Inn, Ithaca. It is such a beautiful setting.


I loved this slide.


Receiving my Certification in Strategic Management


Heather & I were the only two in our class to receive our full certifications this session. Hers is in Strategic Financial Management for Hotels.


Can’t wait to hang this!


And my course certificate.


Heather & I enjoyed a celebratory dinner at Moosewood Restaurant before saying our goodbyes.

I am so thankful to TIANS and to my family for enabling and encouraging me to pursue and complete this dream. During class, we were asked, “Have you done anything in the past three years that you will talk about for the rest of your life?”

The answer for me is yes.

I completed a certification in Strategic Management from the School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University.


Ithaca or bust

I’ve had some pretty bad luck with delays and cancellations the past three times I’ve flown. I’m writing this blog post from my seat on the Greyhound Bus, traveling from Binghamton to Ithaca, New York. I should be in class at Cornell’s Hotel School, but my travel plans have totally gone awry. I left Halifax yesterday at noon. My flight there was delayed, but only by 20 minutes, and I had a two hour scheduled layover in Philadelphia, so I wasn’t concerned. The flight was smooth and I had a whole row to myself.


Pretty clouds on my way from Halifax to Philadelphia

When I arrived in Philadelphia, I took the shuttle from one terminal to another, arriving in lots of time to catch my flight. It turned out that that flight was delayed due to air traffic congestion. I had a bite to eat at an ipad café, and found it interesting to watch people not interact with one another. Random strangers were sharing tables with one another, but no one was talking.


The ipad restaurant in the Philadelphia airport. Interesting but slightly disturbing

When it came time to board my flight, with four people left in line, the agent at the desk informed us that only one of us could board because the plane was overweight. I was next in line, but gave up what would have been my seat to a woman from Munich who said that she was a guest speaker at Cornell early this morning. The desk agent assured the rest of us that we would be on the next flight out, at 7:00.

I was tired and frustrated by this time, but sat patiently to wait it out. I decided to go back to the bar and have a glass of wine, when I received an alert that the flight we had been put on was cancelled. I immediately went to stand in a line with well over 100 people, all who had been affected when more than just my flight was cancelled. At the same time, a man came by with a 1-800 number so that we could contact the airline directly. The agent I spoke with asked me if I could see Gate F17 and told me if I left the line and got there right away, she had confirmed me on a flight to Elmira, and that there were six or seven seats still available.

I did what she said and arrived at the gate within minutes., along with some fellow passengers who had done the same thing. I gave the agent my confirmation number and said I was confirmed on the flight; I just needed a seat number. Guess what that meant? I, along with five others (maybe more) was now flying standby. I was wild.

That flight also was delayed and I felt empathy for the ticket agents with so many tired and frustrated people just wanting to get where they needed to go. To make a very long story short, five people who had been booked on the same flight earlier in the day showed up at boarding time, and the five of us who were on standby were told we had no chance of getting on the plane. It was 11:00pm by this time.

The course I’ll be taking at Cornell, “Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times”, is the last in a certification I have been earning over the past four years. It is a condensed course, taught in just a few intense days, and if you miss time, you may not be able to complete the course. Our family has over $3000 on the line this week; I knew I had to get to Ithaca.

The options that the airline was going to give those of us who were stranded were either try to fly standby (to Elmira) at 10am this morning, or take a confirmed flight to Ithaca at 2pm. Provided there weren’t any delays, that would mean I would miss most of my first day, and not get credit for the course.

Two of the gentlemen I had been waiting with (for those of you in the NSBBA, they reminded me of Jim Hubley and Larry MacCormack) decided to rent a car and drive to Elmira. I figured that would get me closer than I was in Philadelphia, so I tagged along. We took a shuttle to the Hertz station and stood in line, reassuring one another that we should be on the road by midnight. I kid you not – we were next in line when the agent announced that they were out of cars!! By this time the heavens had opened up and it was thunder and fork lightening as we ran through the parking lot to get to another rental company. The manager of Avis happened to be driving by and picked us up to take us to the office. He was a great manager, because he told us we could take that particular vehicle since our things were already in it and we wouldn’t have to get back out. We were finally on our way in teeming rain and a lightening storm.

I did have some misgivings about riding with them, but they both had Canadian connections, so I figured it was okay, although D’Arcy didn’t seem reassured when I texted him to tell him what I was doing… They were each going to visit family in upstate New York. Rick was a retired engineer with two children, six grandchildren, and a great-grandchild. He was in New York from Texas to celebrate two of his grandchildren graduating from high school, and has a daughter who graduated from Cornell. Paul, our driver, was an anestheiologist from Phoenix. He had five kids ages 22-6, and was visiting his father who has alzheimers. We found lots to talk about to keep each other awake, although they encouraged me to nap so I would be fresh for school.

We stopped in Binghamton at 3:30 am, where Rick had arranged for his son-in-law to pick him up. After checking the map, I decided to find a hotel in the area so I wouldn’t have to backtrack to get to Ithaca in the morning. We said farewell to Paul, who refused to take any money for the drive, and Rick & his son-in-law took me to find a hotel. We stopped at the Marriott and they came in with me to be sure I would not be stranded. Bea, the night clerk took one look at me and said, “I have one room left. It’s reserved, but they haven’t called to cancel, and you look like you need it more than they do. Let me see what kind of rate I can get you.”

Knowing I was in good hands, I hugged Rick and his son-in-law goodbye, gave them my business card, and told them if they are ever in Nova Scotia, they have a free place to stay. Meanwhile, Bea was already looking for modes of transportation to get me to Ithaca in the morning. She even walked me to my room at 3:45 am. I’ll be writing a glowing Trip Advisor review for her!! She went above & beyond for me!

Once in my clean room with a king-sized bed, I sent a message home to say I was safe, called my hotel in Ithaca to tell them what happened and let them know I would be honoring the rest of my reservation, then booked a Greyhound Bus ticket for the morning before trying to get three hours of sleep. Despite my comfort and safety, I did not really sleep and was awake for the day long before my alarm went off. I called US Airways to tell them I would not be using the rest of my ticket today, and to make sure the return portion of my ticket would still be valid after the fiasco. I let Cornell know what was going on and they told me to get there as soon as I can; many people have been having travel issues this year. I hope to be there by morning break – and hope to stay awake during class.

A bright spot in all of this is that Heather, a woman whom I became friends with during class last year is also in this class and we’re booked in at the same hotel. She also had issues coming from Memphis, and apparently still has no luggage. She’s going to save me a seat in class.


Celebrating Heather’s birthday at last year’s course

I was thinking in bed that it’s ironic that the course I’m taking is called “Strategic Leadership in Turbulent Times” as getting there was certainly turbulent, and I had to be strategic, flexible, and nimble with my plans, parallel to the skills that business managers need in this economic environment. (At least I had time through all of this to get my pre-course case studies completed!)

I will be happy to get into the classroom and for the learning that will take place this week. I’ve almost arrived safe & sound, and in the end, that’s what matters.



MAYbe I’ve mentioned it before: MAY IS NF AWARENESS MONTH!

Belgravia Bed & Breakfast:

May is Food Allergy Awareness month AND Neurofibromatosis month – diseases which have both impacted our hearts and lives. Our dear, sweet, loving niece (married to our nephew, Mike), Emily, is doing the very best she can to raise awareness and develop a support group for NF in Nova Scotia. I admire Emily’s strength, courage, and resilience in the face of all she’s been through this year since her diagnosis. When I had to answer the question, “who do you admire the most” at an icebreaker recently, my answer, without hesitation, was “My niece, Emily”. Please read below, and I’m sure you’ll understand why…

Originally posted on Tales From Swimmin Hill:

Last May saw me newly diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis and recovering from my second surgery of the year. This May, I’m well acquainted with Schwannomatosis, and in the final phases of launching the Neurofibromatosis Society of Nova Scotia. I’ve learned a lot, been through a lot, and thankfully, accomplished a lot.

As most of you know, we lost my mom quite suddenly last weekend to cancer. I’ve been wrapped up in her loss and my family this month, but it’s important to me to take the time to share and, I hope, continue to raise awareness for the condition.

Neurofibromatosis is a group of three different genetic conditions (NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis) that make those affected prone to the development of tumors within their nerve tissue. Each type has it’s own traits, and difficulties including learning disabilities, hearing loss, chronic pain, and paralysis. You can learn more by visiting The Children’s…

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The Nova Scotian Diet

Enough about me – we’ve had some other awards around this house lately. Sarah had her highland dance medal tests last week and earned a “Highly Commended” in both the pre-bronze and bronze categories; the highest level awarded. All four children came home with medals or trophies at the curling banquet; we were especially proud when Evan won a main award for participation, co-operations and sportsmanship. Last month, Sarah, Alex & Olivia had successful performances in the Truro Music Festival, participating in piano, voice & trumpet categories, earning a number of red and blue ribbons. Alex was asked to sing his folk song, “The Nova Scotian Diet” in the final concert and after his performance presented his music teacher, Chella Henderson, with flowers as she was acknowledged for her many years of teaching in the Truro area. (She was my music teacher growing up too!)

Enjoy the performance, videotaped by Sarah. :-)

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