Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from the McDonahs!! 

So far, our day has been anything but traditional.  The girls have both succumbed to a bug, so have been quaranteened in their room.  D’Arcy took the boys to church, and when he turned the corner on to Prince Street, he discovered the following:


We had extremely heavy rain last night (it had been forecast as snow, so we were happy to get rain)   but it obviously washed out part of our stone wall.  D’Arcy is spending the afternoon carting stones in the wheelbarrow, trying to stabilize the wall until we can figure out how to fix it.  He’s worried about the larger section as it seems to be leaning precariously as well. 



It would seem that the list of priority jobs has shifted again!  😉

The boys will be heading up the hill to my parents’ house for Easter Dinner with the rest of our family, and my mother has kindly offered to send “take-out plates” down to us.  It’s not quite the Easter we had planned, but it’s certainly one we won’t forget anytime soon!

2 comments on “Happy Easter!

  1. Carla says:

    I saw D’Arcy hard at work today but thought it was a preplanned project. Stone walls are fussy things – some of the old masons around town might be able to give some advice. I wonder too about the Marshall’s stone wall on Smith? Someone has done some good repairs there. Good Luck!


  2. […] that the small section of our stone wall had shifted in a frost heave and part of it had fallen. (Story and photos here.)  At the time, he cleaned it up as best and as safely as he could, saving all the stones – […]


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