Not Since Moses

I realized that I’m getting behind on my posts – I promised photos from the Not Since Moses Run on Sunday!

We packed up the van and left our guests in the capable hands of my parents Sunday morning at 7:15 and headed to Five Islands for the Not Since Moses Run on the floor of the Bay of Fundy. I love the drive along the North Shore of the Bay, so was very excited that this was where our adventure was taking for the first summer vacation day-trip!

We got there early, before the tide had gone out all the way, so spent an hour or so on the beach, skipping rocks and admiring the view.


After awhile, we went back up and watched the 10k runners getting registered. This run had a totally different feel to it than the Blue Nose Marathon did. It seemed that the runners were there for the fun and adventure, rather than to beat their best time.


Despite the fact that we are used to the tides and know how fast they go in and out, it’s still amazing to see that this huge body of water can empty so quickly. This photo was taken about an hour after the one above…


It was so much fun to watch the kids race in the “Basket Run”. Our girls only made it down the beach; as soon as they had to set foot in the mud flats, that was enough for them!


Once we were all finished, we got our medals, changed our VERY muddy clothes and headed to Five Islands Provincial Park to have a picnic and watch the racers in the 10k. If you look hard enough, you can see the very tiny runners in a line in the top quarter of the photo.


I loved the fact that the kids wanted D’Arcy to tell them the story of how the Five Islands came to be over-and-over on the way home.  (The fable rather than the Scientific version!) It was a great first day of summer vacation and we’re looking forward to many more fun little trips around the province this summer!

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Summer vacation!

Today was the last day of school (yes, on Saturday!!).  We are pleased to report that the kids had excellent report cards and have each passed on to the next grade!  It is a very proud day for them (and us!) and as I make beds, their grandmother has taken them out for a celebratory ice cream!  D’Arcy should be home from his school early this afternoon.

We will celebrate by putting the new barbecue together and going to bed early because we’re all headed to Five Islands tomorrow morning for the “Not Since Moses” run on the floor of the Bay of Fundy.  This weekend is the lowest tide of the year.  I’ll be sure to post photos of this fun event in Central Nova Scotia in the next day or so, but if you’re in the area, I recommend you go and check-it-out yourself!!

Pier 21

One of the Benefits of being a director on the Board of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) is that I often am sent information on Tourism Related Announcements as soon as they happen!

I just received an email to say that Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Pier 21 in Halifax a National Museum, only the second museum in Canada outside of Ottawa to obtain this status!  Pier 21 was the point of entry to Canada for more than one million immigrants and Prime Minister Harper said that the designation recognizes the contribution made by immigrants to the country’s history.

The shed on the Halifax wharf closed on March 8, 1971, almost 43 years after its official opening, as more immigrants arrived in Canada by plane.  It opened ten years ago, in 1999 as a museum.  One in five Canadians are said to have a connection to Pier 21.

We definitely recommend visiting Pier 21 when you are visiting Halifax, and if you happen to go on a Thursday morning, be sure to say hello to D’Arcy’s mother, Fran, who volunteers there each week!

Vote Bay of Fundy as a New Seven Wonders of Nature!

We are so lucky to be located at the head of the Bay of Fundy, where we can see the Tidal Bore twice daily, and the highest tides in the world are just a short drive away.

The Bay of Fundy is representing Canada in the new Global Seven Wonders of Nature Contest.  We need your votes before July 7th to ensure that we become one of the 77 International sites in the next phase of the contest.

Did you know?

  • The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest and most dramatic tides in the World
  • The Bay of Fundy compares in Biodiversity to the Amazon Rain Forest
  • The Bay of Fundy is home to 12 species of whales
  • The Bay of Fundy is a critical migratory feeding area for many bird species
  • The Bay of Fundy has Internationally Renowned Geology
  • The Bay of Fundy is the best site in the world for tidal power generating potential
  • The Bay of Fundy is home to TWO UNESCO sites

For more information on the Bay of Fundy and to vote, click on:

And, just for fun and more Bay of Fundy information, Terri McCulloch writes a fun Bay of Fundy Blog – check it out!

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An unexpected phone call

I was looking after the B&B by myself on Friday night while D’Arcy was in Fredericton at an Education Conference taking place at the University of New Brunswick.  He started taking his Masters in Education at St. Francis Xavier University three summers ago and is now at the point where his Thesis (Influences on Post-Secondary Decision Making among Rural & Urban students) is “almost finished”.  He was one of the presenters at the Conference yesterday morning, speaking on this topic.

D’Arcy is modest to a fault, so when he called me when he was finished, he told me he did “okay”.

Last night, I had a pleasant surprise when his advisor phoned and asked to speak to me.  She wanted to tell me what an excellent job he did – so well, that she intends to email the entire Education Faculty to tell them!  I was very proud and not the least bit surprised!

Lullaby Makeover

Our Lullaby Room had a small makeover this week.  My mother just finished a new quilt for us – it’s a Double Irish Chain pattern for any quilters out there!  Of course, once we put the quilt on the bed, the chairs no longer matched, so they now have new slipcovers as well.  A few new cushions & a new bedskirt and the bedroom has had a mini face-lift!  Thanks Mom!

Lullaby Makeover 001

Lullaby Makeover 004

Lullaby Makeover 005

Just because I love the look of a bookcase filled with books...

Just because I love the look of a bookcase filled with books...

The Garden Is In

The garden and (most) of the flowers are now planted!!

In the vegetable garden this year, we have planted cucumbers, peas, beans, carrots, onions, red cabbage, tomatoes, red peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, beets and spinach.  (I think I’m missing something!)  We’ve also planted cilantro, basil, rosemary, chives, dill, oregano & thyme.

Today, under the “Belgravia” sign, we  put in some perennials & snapdragons.  We also got many of the front & side beds weeded, some sunflower seeds planted, and the vegetable garden weeded.  Hopefully the sun will shine again tomorrow and I’ll get the back bed cleaned out while D’Arcy mows the lawn.

I do love this time of year when it is necessary to be outside!

Culina Dea

D’Arcy and I had a chance to get out on a date Saturday night.  His sister-in-law is the lead singer in a band and they were playing at the Curling Club in Halifax.  Friday was my birthday, so we had organized with my parents to come and house-sit so we could go out to dinner and take in a couple of sets at the dance to celebrate.

We decided that instead of eating in Halifax, we would go to a local restaurant, located about a fifteen minute walk down Prince Street from our B&B.  It’s called Culina Dea and it was great.  We highly recommend it!

We arrived there fairly early, at about 5:30, since we still had to drive an hour to get to Halifax, and were the only people there.  The atmosphere is very fresh & welcoming with beautiful artwork on the walls.  We were pleasantly surprised to discover that Hannah, one of our neighbours who has looked after the house for us on occasion, is home from university and was our server.

We had a hard time choosing what to have from the menu because it all sounded so good, but we settled on Lobster Risotto and a Mixed Green Salad with Julienned Apples to start.  (I could have eaten a whole bowl of the lobster risotto as a meal!)  I chose the Parmesan & Herb Pan-fried Haddock with Sweet Potato Risotto and Sugar-snap Peas, while D’Arcy chose their Indian Special, a Tandoori Chicken.  It was all good, but I could have licked D’Arcy’s plate clean if that sort of thing wasn’t frowned upon!  For dessert, we shared a piece of homemade Coconut Cheesecake with a Guava Puree.  Delicious!

Two other tables came in while we were there, and one of them turned out to be a couple that was staying at The Belgravia with us!  We chatted with them for a few minutes and they told us they always eat at Culina Dea when they are in Truro because it is always good.

We will definitely keep a copy of their menu on hand to recommend to our guests and I can’t wait until we get a chance to go again!!

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First Salad Bowl Garden Delivery Today

Today was our first Salad Bowl Garden Delivery and in our bag, we discovered a large bag of spicy salad mix, a small bag of arugula, a 2lb bunch of rhubarb, a cluster of French breakfast radishes, green onions, green garlic, edible flowers, and a jar of red currant-raspberry jam as well as fresh eggs.  YUMMY!!  I’ve already cut up some of the rhubarb for muffins and stewed the rest to serve with breakfast.  I think I can probably come up with a pretty tasty omelets for morning using some of the rest and D’Arcy will have a tasty, healthy salad to take to school for lunch!  The best part of it all was getting to visit with old and new friends from the neighbourhood as they picked up their goodies! Jamey & Roxanne’s son Oliver is a doll; the girls loved him and they all sat & played in the grass while the grown-ups did their business.  Speaking of grass, I’m not sure that ours is a part of Oliver’s organic diet, but D’Arcy & I do subscribe to the “pound of dirt” theory…