4 comments on “Neat Video from the Peggy’s Cove Webcam during Hurricane Bill

  1. WOW!! That’s an amazing video! We were at Peggy’s Cove in June when a crazy lady thought it’d be fun to get down near the water .. she was swept a long way out and there was a scary moment we thought she wouldn’t make it. Those waves were nothing like these .. hope everyone kept well back!


    • I remember that! People underestimate the power of the water! There were some teenagers/young adults who got caught by a wave in the aftermath of Hurricane Bill, but luckily, they were all okay… I’ll bet they’ll stand back from now on!


      • They think of it as just a tourist attraction, and forget the reason the lighthouse is there!

        Love your blog. We didn’t have time to make it up to Truro, unfortunately. I loved Nova Scotia so much.


  2. […] to Cape Forchu Light station in Yarmouth.  We’ve been able to watch the waves in the effect of hurricanes at Peggy’s Cove and the reconstruction of the Bluenose […]


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