I’m embarrassed that it’s been so long since I put an updated post on here.  I guess that it’s a good thing that we’ve been so busy lately I’m having a hard time keeping up!  D’Arcy & the kids are back to school and it is definitely starting to feel like fall – our burning bush has started to “burn” and our Maples have a touch of red; we even have a frost warning again for tonight!

We’ve been harvesting our garden, using the tomatoes for Eggs Florentine and freezing those we can’t keep up with for winter.  The other day, I grated 16 cups of zucchini to freeze and use in muffins this winter.  I’ve also made pickles & jams, and this weekend I intend to make some salsa.

D’Arcy has been busily working at jobs around the house that need doing before winter, like replacing the basement door including the sill & casing and rebuilding the steps.  When he took off one of the boards, we were interested to find the name “Randall” written on the back.  It obviously was an original, there since the house was built by Dr. Ambrose Randall in 1904!  We love finding these little pieces of history!


We expect to be steadily busy for the next few weeks until the Fall Colours start to peak in late October.  It’s the perfect time to be traveling in Nova Scotia, now that our days tend to be sunny & warm(ish) and our nights cool.  The air is clear, the bugs are few, and the foliage is beautiful.