Winding Down

Fall is definitely here and our main “tourist” season is winding down.

The last boquet of glads for this year

The last bouquet of glads for this year

We have bookings though until the end of next weekend, but after that we will switch and get mostly business people throughout the winter and spring. We’ve already started getting calls for Christmas parties.

The garden is mostly harvested, the trees are turning, and it will soon be time to rake.

And rake.

And rake some more…

The driveway was lonely & bare yesterday afternoon since last week was our final Salad Bowl Gardens delivery of the season.  What fun it was to be able to serve local, organic produce & eggs all summer!  It was also a treat to see all of our neighbours each week as they came to pick up their haul, but getting to play with Oliver was always a highlight!  Oliver certainly has a fan club at this house, although we’ll see what happens next year when he’s on the move and can get away from his fans!



Roxanne & Oliver - who could resist those cheeks?!

Roxanne & Oliver - who could resist those cheeks?!

This week the house is full with the smells of bread and pies and cleaning supplies.  We’re having our (D’Arcy’s side) family here for Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.  We’re expecting to host between 30-40 people, so there’s lots of preparation to do!  I’m trying to get as much done ahead as possible so that I can relax and visit when the time comes.    The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Sunday, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

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