Olympic Fever

Olympic fever has hit Nova Scotia as the Olympic Torch makes its way across the province.  Last night, it stopped here in Truro and there was a HUGE celebration in Victoria Park.  The festivities started at 5:30, but we didn’t get there until closer to six.  Already, there were a few thousand people there.  The event was so well planned & executed.  The entertainment was awesome – athletes, drummers, musicians, choirs, speakers…

You can find the story from the local newspaper here:  http://www.trurodaily.com//index.cfm?sid=303955&sc=68

We had a full house here at the B&B and our guests came and joined us to take in the activities!  I managed to take a few photos of the excitement:




Oh, the things this athlete could do with her hula hoop!!


The crowd, watching for the Torch


Lighting the cauldron with the Olympic Flame

"Coach" Bob Piers lit the flame

With Gary & Fernando, our guests from Houston & Mexico


Putting the Flame "to bed" for the night

Fireworks for the finale







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