Please Support TreeGo in Truro

* Please note that the town has made the decision to enter into negotiations with the TreeGo company, using a different piece of land than originally proposed.

Earlier this week, I sent the following letter to our Mayor & Town Council, expressing our Support of the proposed “TreeGo” in Victoria Park.

Dear Mayor Mills and members of Truro Town Council,

As residents & business owners in the Town of Truro, we would like to express support for the proposed “TreeGo” in Victoria Park.  Eco and Adventure Tourism are among the fastest growing sectors of the Tourism Industry and we firmly believe that this tourism product proposed for a portion of the park would assist in making our Town a “destination”.

Tourism is the number one industry in the province and Truro cannot afford to miss out on a chance to increase both our visibility and the overall financial impact of having such an attraction in our area.  This venture will help put both the Town and Victoria Park on the map and will keep people in the area longer while spending more money in the community.

We speak from experience, welcoming nearly 1000 guests into our home each year.  Currently Truro is merely a stopping point for tourists, either as a base while they explore the Bay of Fundy, or as a pass-through on their way to & from Cape Breton. One of the first questions our guests ask upon arrival is, “What can we DO here?”

We understand that there may be concerns of affecting the existing quality of the park, but we truly believe this project can only enhance the facilities that currently exist. Knowing that this company was developed by and is associated with the developers of the “Outward Bound” Program (which D’Arcy has participated in), we have every confidence that they will adhere to the Outward Bound philosophy of promoting self-reliance, adaptability, responsibility, confidence, integrity, and persistence.  According to the TreeGo Franchisor’s website, “We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly products. All the wood used for platform construction is natural (cedar and larch) and chemical-free. Trees are not harmed and all sites are built with the greatest care for the environment and respect for each unique landscape. A TreeGO Aerial Adventure Course could be removed from its placements with very little evidence of it ever having existed.”

We are excited to see something so unique coming to Truro and wish the project well.

The Relationship between Canadians & Americans

I found the following clip in our inbox this morning:  “Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and The United States, in a pre-recorded short film that aired on NBC prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Feb. 14th, 2010.”

In my opinion, it is well-worth the watch, highlighting the inter-connectedness of our two great countries!  Well done NBC!

Google Maps

I volunteer in our son’s classroom on Thursday mornings.  Yesterday, they were working on projects which involved picking a country and finding out information about that country’s past & present participation in the Olympics.  While his classmates chose countries like Canada, the US, Germany, France, etc., Evan chose Latvia.  (Geography enthusiast.)  While they were researching “their country” on the school’s laptops, one of Evan’s classmates called me over.

“Mrs. McDonah, I found your house!”  (I don’t know how Googling for Olympic information would have brought him to Google Maps for our house; surely he was doing his project and not getting off track… )

He was on the Google Maps site which now features a street-view of Truro, taken last Spring by the looks of things.  You can travel the streets of town with a few clicks of your mouse.  To “see” The Belgravia, go to:

Once there, I type: “belgravia bed & breakfast truro ns” or “5 Broad Street Truro NS”  into the search bar. The town view with our location fills the screen along with a bubble containing our information.  One of the links you can click on is, “Street View” which takes you an image looking down Broad Street from the north-west corner of our property; our driveway is the first on the left.

Using the cursor, you can scan our property, see the chairs D’Arcy built which sit in the shade of the trees, and almost see inside the front door!

I was looking at it through eyes as if it were a surprise inspection.  I think this service will be a wonderful thing for the traveling public.  Most of the time, operators put their best photos on their websites, and perhaps their properties have run-down over time.  This gives you a true idea of what the area you will be visiting looks like.  Are the houses right on top of one another?  Is the property well-maintained? Are there really restaurants & attractions “within walking distance”?  Now you can see for yourself!

I’m hoping that when looking at our place, you’ll think, “Wow – that looks like a great place to stay!”

What a weekend!

Wow, we had a fun weekend at Belgravia!  We had wonderful guests with great stories of love and even some first-time B&Bers…

Our Valentine’s Dinner was a great success with fun groups of people each of the two nights.  The food was incredible and we thank Dan for providing such a beautiful meal – one couple enjoyed it so much that they’ve already booked for next year!  Another couple stayed for two nights and we combined our ski package at Ski Wentworth with our Valentine Dinner for them.  They spent the day skiing in the sunshine with ideal conditions and then had a private romantic anniversary/Valentine dinner in front of the fire.  They’re thinking of making this an annual event and we hope they do!

In Olympic news, Hannah Kearney who won a gold medal for the US in Ladies’ Moguls on Saturday night is a niece of the former owner of our home and the cousin of our daughter Sarah’s godmother.  How exciting for their family; as you can imagine, they are very proud!!  (And so are we by association!)  We have another connection to the Olympics which makes us very proud as well:  “From Land and Sea”, a book of Nova Scotia Contemporary Landscape Artists, by our friend Dee Appleby, was chosen by the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism, Culture & Heritage as a gift from Nova Scotia to 60 delegates who will be visiting the Nova Scotia pavilion at Atlantic Canada House, on Granville Island, for the Olympics!  Dee & I are in a book club together and I can’t wait to see her on Thursday night to tell her how excited we are for her!  A small piece of trivia:  Atlantic Canada House was named on of the Top Three Pavillions at the Olympics!  (Not that that would surprise any Atlantic Canadians…)

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and it’s starting to get brighter in the mornings, I’m starting to think about Spring & Summer!  We’ve been dreaming up some fun new warmer-weather packages, so stay tuned!

Video from 2010 TIANS Awards Gala

I recently received the link to this video in my inbox.  It’s a clip of the TIANS Gala when Dick Lemon won the TIANS Award for Tourism Innovator of the Year.  When you watch this video and listen to Dick’s acceptance speech, I think you’ll understand why we felt compelled to nominate him!  (By the way, registration for the 2010 Not-Since-Moses will soon open.  Check back for information on our Bed, Breakfast & Run package!)

Big News in the Bay of Fundy

As I’ve mentioned before, we are so fortunate to live so close to the Bay of Fundy.  When I was in university, I had a chance to take a train from Amsterdam to Berlin to visit my “sister”, an exchange student who had lived with us while I was in Gr. 12.  On the train, I struck up a friendship with a boy from Iowa and  was stunned when he revealed that he had never seen the ocean!  It had never occurred to me at that time that there might be (many) people in the world who had never seen the ocean.  I certainly don’t take it for granted anymore!

Two days ago, NASA’s “photo of the day” was of a snow-covered Bay of Fundy.  Awesome!

We are located in Truro, at the "V" where the silt has built up.

The Bay of Fundy, right in the heart of Canada’s Maritime provinces, is a 270 km (170 mile) long ocean bay that stretches between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia on the country’s east coast.  It is currently a Top 28 Finalist (Canada’s only representation) in the global “New 7 Wonders of Nature” campaign.

Last month, actor James Tupper (born in Nova Scotia), announced his support of the Bay of Fundy! James is well known for his current role as Dr. Chris Sands in the highly-rated NBC primetime medical drama “Mercy”. James Tupper is rated by US Weekly as one of 2009’s “Sexiest Stars” and recently made TV Guide’s coveted “Sexiest Men on TV” list.  (He is also married to actress Anne Heche who used to play the roles of twins “Vicky & Marley” on the long running soap, “Another World“.  I used to watch that show every afternoon with my grandmother when I was in high school, but I digress…)

James had the following to say about the Bay of Fundy:

I am so excited that the Bay of Fundy is representing Canada in the contest,” stated Mr. Tupper. “Through its online voting campaign so many more people will discover and appreciate the extraordinary natural wonder created by world’s highest tides.

While growing up on Canada’s east coast I spent my summers exploring the Bay of Fundy and as a child walking on the ocean floor at low tide was absolutely mesmerizing to me. To be able to explore the beach where only a few hours’ earlier tides were the height of a 4-story building…now that’s adventure! And because of the Bay’s crazy tides, it’s also the only place in the world where fishermen have to climb a ladder for their daily catch.”

The Belgravia is a perfect stopping point to base yourself for exploring the Bay.  This Fall, I spent an afternoon exploring the north shore of the Bay.  You can read that post and see a few photos from my day here: A day on the Bay of Fundy.

The link to vote for the Bay of Fundy as a New 7 Wonders of Nature can be found here:  Vote!

Zipping through the Park

I just came across the following article, describing a proposal to put a zip-line in Truro’s Victoria Park: “NS: Aerial adventure park could take tourism to new heights”

I think this is a wonderful idea for tourism in Truro!  Victoria Park is a 1000 Acre park here in town, filled with beautiful, well-kept walking trails, waterfalls, picnic tables, a barbeque area, an outdoor swimming pool, and playground.  Years ago, when I was growing up, people were even able to camp in the park!  My initial thoughts are that this would be a great draw to increase awareness of the park and draw more people into the Town of Truro!

And doesn’t it look like fun:


Congratulations to our guests, Rodney & Brenda who were married on Saturday.  They left us this morning after a whirlwind week to begin their lives together.  Rodney commented before leaving this morning that he feels as if he has been re-born.   We wish them many years of love & happiness!

The bride & groom, leaving for the church on Saturday

Belgravia Bed & Breakfast