Wendy Nielsen & Truro Cantabile with Peter Tiefenbach – May 1st

On this Saturday night, May 1st, the Marigold Cultural Centre is presenting Wendy Nielsen & Truro Cantabile Singers with Peter Tiefenbach at First United Church.  Wendy stayed with us a few years ago when she was in Truro, adjudicating the Truro Music Festival.  She is both a beautiful person and artist and we highly recommend this performance!

We are offering a package for Saturday night, May 1st, which includes a welcoming bottle of Nova Scotian wine, one night overnight accommodation, two tickets to the Wendy Nielsen, Truro Cantabile Singers and Peter Tiefenbach concert, and a gourmet breakfast for two on Sunday morning.  $140 + HST per couple.

To make reservations which are required, please phone our toll-free number – 1-866-877-9900, or email us at belgravia @ eastlink. ca

We look forward to seeing you both here and at the concert!

April is a busy month!

April has been a busy month both around Truro and for the Belgravia family and my updates have been lacking!  We’ve been kept busy with many different things this month: The Truro Music Festival, Easter, the local high school’s musical: “The Wizard of Oz”, highland dance exams, end-of-the-year curling banquet, choir, taxes, training for the Bluenose running weekend, visits with friends, and lots of guests!  Just last night we had drop-ins from Germany, and earlier this week we had a gentleman from Argentina staying with us!  It’s so fun to make these connections with people from all over the world!

Unfortunately, the situation with the volcanic ash from Iceland shutting down airports across Europe has hit a little bit too close to home.  D’Arcy’s parents set out for Budapest yesterday, as they were intending to cruise the Danube for the next two weeks.  We got a message this morning that their trip has been cancelled, but we don’t know at the moment how far they got!  Yikes!

We have been getting lots of inquiries and bookings and it looks like it’s going to be a great summer.  Nova Scotia Tourism has relaunched the official Nova Scotia website, full of links to videos, blogs, photos, packages and more!  We encourage anyone who is planning a trip to Nova Scotia to bookmark this site!  It can be found by clicking here:  www.novascotia.com

We’re on the fly again this weekend with three Boys’ choirs in town for a concert.  I’m responsible for making sure 120 growing boys get fed tomorrow night!  Back to the kitchen…

20th High School Reunion!

I’m going to date myself as I write this post!  I have gotten a bit behind on keeping this Belgravia blog updated as I have been immersed in, among other things, planning my 20th High School Reunion which is taking place on the weekend of July 23rd – 25th this summer!  I grew up here in Truro and graduated from Cobequid Educational Centre in 1990, valedictorian of a class of 400+ students.    At the time, I was also the treasurer of both the Students’ Council and the A-Class.  This means I am automatically on the committee which plans the reunions.  (I wonder if we were told that at the time?!)

For various reasons – including but not limited to – jobs, family, life & geography, we did not have a ten nor a fifteen year reunion.  It was decided that we could NOT let twenty years go by without doing something! I am the only person on the committee who still lives in Truro, but with the fortunate timing of vacations last summer, we were able to get together here for lunch and make some plans and “The Class of 1990 and Friends” reunion was born!  Since so many friendships overlapped different years, and since some people, ahem, took longer than others to graduate, we decided to include five years of CEC grads – the classes of 1988 – 1990.

With the big things now in place, we’ve released the website today and are starting to take registrations.  It is going to be a great weekend, with a Wine & Cheese social here at the Belgravia, a 5k run, a family swim at Victoria Park Pool, a Reunion Dance and a closing brunch.  The Truro Golf Club is offering discounted green fees for attendees that weekend, and we will be selling CEC T-Shirts to commemorate the occasion.

Our reunion website can be found at:  http://cecreunion.wordpress.com/

I can’t wait!