Victoria Park – Exposed & Untouched

I received the link to the following video of Truro’s Victoria Park from Shannon Blaikie-Antonucci, a former schoolmate and friend of mine.

In her own words, she describes,

Nestled in the beautiful town of Truro, Nova Scotia, Victoria Park, a natural woodland park of roughly 400 acres, remains a glimmering jewel of untouched paradise in the center of town. Two magnificent sets of waterfalls flow through a steep, tree-covered, rocky gorge, and several walking trails follow closely along the brook, allowing a unique view of this ancient setting. The park boasts interesting geological formations in the gorge and river bed area, and beautiful stands of hard and softwood trees, particularly hemlock, on the cliffs and uplands. The upland area beyond the gorge contains a walking trail, approximately 1.6 kilometers in length. The ravine area also contains the Holy Well, a replica of a well in the neighbouring Bible Hill area where early Acadian settlers baptized their infants, and a Wishing Well. Victoria Park is a truly magical and mystical place for all to enjoy.”

We are so lucky to have this beautiful park right here in Truro for all to enjoy, and we always encourage our Bed & Breakfast guests to visit while they’re here.

Thank you Shannon, for putting this together – it’s beautiful!!