What’s going on…

I’ve been falling down on the blog posts lately…  Lots has been going on at the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast lately.  Not only are we busy every night with guests, but I have a new job teaching Tourism at the Nova Scotia Community College, and we’ve been getting the house fixed up to host a few different parties.  We’ve been here in the house for almost eight years now, and most of the time, any projects we do are always on the “guest side” of the house.  Because my 20th high school reunion was here, we also did a few projects on our own side of the house this summer.

Since school finished on July 29th, we rebuilt & painted a fence, painted the front of the house & the front steps, changed all the fixtures in the downstairs bathroom, totally re-did our back porch (floors, wallpaper, trim, ceiling, storage), laid new patio stones at the bottom of our deck stairs/ramp, and re-did our family living room.  (Including re-finishing our hardwood floors, taking down wallpaper, patching plaster, re-wallpapering, painting trim, new curtains & new furniture.)  This is the room our children have spent the most time in over the past two years, so D’Arcy jokes that it took him two hours to sand the yogurt off the floor!

It was well worth it and I have a few photos from both my reunion wine & cheese and a 40th anniversary party we hosted for friends-like-family this month.  The wine & cheese included about 70 people and the anniversary party featured a sit-down dinner for 35.  Both went off successfully!

High school friends, catching up

Martha, who actually grew up here in our home (her room was the "Minuet Room"), was the wine steward for the evening!

With some high school friends

Peter Davison, talented musician & high school friend provided beautiful background music...

After the party, a few of us hung around watching "The Coolest Cat in Town" our Grade 8 musical which had been recorded on VHS!

The after party...

Photos of the Anniversary party to come tomorrow…

One comment on “What’s going on…

  1. I love the photos! Looks like you guys have a great evening!


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