Right Some Good!

I am on the Board of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) and was happy to be able to spend two nights in Cape Breton at the beautiful Dundee Resort,  last week during our Annual General Meeting.  While there, I heard about the “Right Some Good” Festival, taking place in Cape Breton from August 25th – September 4th, 2011.  (Tickets will be going on sale on June 20th.)

10 world class chefs.

10 days.

Breath-taking scenery.

Exhilarating music.

Click here for details on the 10-day foodie adventure.

And please remember that The Belgravia B & B in Truro is a perfect stopping point on your way to, or from,  beautiful Cape Breton.

Blue Rodeo is coming to Truro!

The Truro Daily News announced this week that the band Blue Rodeo will be playing in Truro this summer on August 5th.  Tickets go on sale June 3rd and proceeds will all go toward the Ignite the Spirit Campaign in support of the Central Nova Scotia civic centre project.  We do still have rooms available that weekend,  but recommend that you book as soon as possible.  Rooms during concert weekends always book up in advance!

Bluenose Marathon 2011

Each year, for the past four years, we have taken a mini holiday during the long weekend in May to participate in the Bluenose Marathon weekend in Halifax.  It is a fun event and the city is buzzing.  This year D’Arcy’s parents were on a cruise of the Danube River, so we stayed at their condo.  We left Truro on Friday after D’Arcy got home from school so that we could pick up our race kits.  D’Arcy & I were signed up for the 10k race on Saturday and our sons, Evan & Alex, were signed up for both the 4.2k Youth Run on Saturday and the 5k race on Sunday.

There were 3000 Youth from the ages of 5 – 15 who ran the Youth Run on Saturday.  Our boys ran well.  The Youth Run is not timed, but by my watch, Evan crossed the finish line at 19 minutes with Alex just a couple of minutes behind him.  In the past, D’Arcy has been at the half-way point to cheer them on, then runs down to the finish to watch them cross the line.  This year, they were fast enough that they beat him back!

We spent the rest of Saturday exploring the Expo and spent some time at the new Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market.  It is beautiful!!  We knew a few vendors from our former life when we lived in Halifax, so it was fun to get caught up with them.  We also have a former guest, who has stayed with us four times and has a stall where she sells lamb and organic chickens.  We had a great chat with her!

Sunday – race day – was supposed to be sunny and 14 degrees. (Celsius.) It turned out to be cloudy/misty and only six degrees.  It was cold! The atmosphere on race day is one of great excitement and anticipation.  We ran into friends from around the province who had come to participate.  There is music and so many people lining the streets.  D’Arcy has been training more than I have this year, so we ran together just until the first water stop and then he went on ahead of me.  My favorite part of the race is running over the MacDonald Bridge which is closed to traffic.  There are such beautiful views of the harbour and of both Halifax & Dartmouth.  The this I like least about the race is that it ends on a slight incline.  Oh my, is that tough!!  It was fun and we all ran well.  Our times were as follows:  Alexander (5k) – 29:42, Evan (5k) – 27:10, Anne (10k) – 1:03, D’Arcy (10k) – 59:35.

We met up with D’Arcy’s sister for supper and took a tour of the neighbourhood where D’Arcy grew up.  Yesterday, D’Arcy & Alex went for a 5k run in Point Pleasant Park while Evan & I packed up.  We all played Monopoly while we laundered the sheets, had lunch & came home.  It was a fun weekend, and we’re all feeling recharged and ready for the upcoming season!

Half Marathon runners

D'Arcy, beginning the 10k

Anne, beginning the 10k

Evan & Alexander, at the start of the 5k!

Some of the crowd in the Metro Centre as the 5 & 10 k races were starting to finish

We’ve made it to the Top Three!!

Thank you to everyone who took the time & effort to vote for us in the Truro & District Chamber of Commerce’s2011 Best of Colchester Awards“!  We made the top three in the Best B&B Category with our friends from Tulips & Thistle B&B and Baker’s Chest B&B!!  The winners of each category will be announced at an Award dinner on June 16th!

Hopefully we’ll come home again this year with something that looks like this:

Teach a boy to fish…

Many of our guests realize that Nova Scotia has some prime fishing, whether you charter a boat to go deep-sea fishing, or stand along a quiet brook, river, or lake.  There are many websites devoted to fishing in Nova Scotia.  When I was a little girl, I remember my brother & I going fishing with my dad along the French River in Tatamagouche (Northern Nova Scotia), a tidal river which runs through the property where he grew up.  I don’t remember catching any fish (I probably talked too much and scared the fish away!), but I do remember getting up early to make us apple jelly sandwiches (!) and thermoses of chocolate milk.  I also remember going fishing with my best friend and her family along some of the rivers is Musquodoboit.  I remember loving the feel of the spongy earth beneath my rubber boots, and the smell of the spring mud.  Although, I can’t consider myself a fisher-person, I can appreciate why some people enjoy it so much!

Last week, D’Arcy& Alex participated in a learn-to-fish program with the Cubs & Scouts. The first night was spent in a classroom, learning about fishing & safety, and the second night they all got to go to a nearby pond to try their luck. By all accounts, they had a great time…

Alex had what some might call “beginner’s luck”…

He reeled it in, and with some help netting it… Made what some people might consider the “catch of a lifetime”! A FOUR POUND Rainbow Trout!

Most of the cubs & scouts had beginner’s luck! Alex actually caught three fish in total, but gave his two smaller fish to my parents.

I think he’s “hooked” on fishing now!

We grilled his trout on the bbq at high heat, wrapped in foil and stuffed with slices of lemon, lime, orange & dill. It was served with Basmati rice and spinach salad and was delicious! It served six – with leftovers!

* D’Arcy didn’t catch anything…

You can click on the following to find out more about fishing in Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia Tourism’s Fishing Information

Nova Scotia Fishing Website

Nova Scotia Learn to Fish

Best of Colchester 2011!

Last year, we were honored to be named the “Best B&B in Colchester County” at the 2010 Truro & District Chamber of Commerce’s “Best of Colchester County” awards ceremony.  We’ve been nominated again this year, and would be so grateful if you would take the time to vote for us.

It’s easy and only takes a moment.  To vote, please click here:  Best of Colchester.  There is a list of 25 categories and we are listed under Bed & Breakfast.  Please note that you do not have to vote for all 25 categories!  Up to five votes per IP address will be counted!

We love what we do and we hope it shows!  Thank you for your votes!


For those who have stayed with us during the past five years, I would just like to announce that D’Arcy (finally) graduated from St. FX University on Sunday with his Master of Education, Leadership & Administration!  He had a GPA of 3.98 and his Thesis was titled: “Post-Secondary Decision Making Among Students in Rural & Urban Nova Scotia.”

After the ceremony, we came home and had a party, inviting special family & friends who have supported him during this process for a celebration!  It was a wonderful, touching afternoon!

We are so very proud of him, and are looking forward to having more of his attention again this summer!

Some of our B&B friends - we're so grateful for their support & friendship!

Dave, capturing some of the special moments for us.

Songs & Toasts

Presenting copies of his Thesis to our parents

Thanking everyone for their support. Lots of laughs!