Exploring the Finger Lakes of New York – Day 2!

Talk about experiential tourism!!  Today, we “experienced” some of the Finger Lakes region of New York State.

Unfortunately, my internal clock doesn’t realize that I was “on vacation” this morning, so I was wide awake by 5:30 a.m which was 4:30 am Ithaca time!  Sharing a room with Kate, I didn’t want to wake her, so I tried to go back to sleep. It was no use.  I finally opened the computer around 6:00 and started to do some work until it was time to get up and ready for breakfast.

Breakfast at the Thomas Farm B&B was wonderful – I’m not surprised as the owner told us they have been in business since 1988! Kate & I were the last to arrive and there were eight people already chatting over coffee when we got there.  (In New York a B&B can have up to five rooms, where in Nova Scotia, a B&B is defined as “four rooms or fewer”.) There were two senior couples, a mother & her 17-year-old daughter and two women who had been roommates in College, but now have grown children.  I was the only Canadian.  We had breakfast of fruit, juice, sausage, French toast with strawberries & maple syrup, and lots of coffee.  The conversation was animated & fun.  Coincidentally, one couple is planning a trip to Nova Scotia next summer, so I gave them our business card!  We’ll look forward to seeing them again when they come stay with us at the Belgravia!

Thomas Farm B&B, Ithaca, New York

We left shortly after breakfast and headed to Watkins Glen where we hiked a mile up and then back in the Gorge.  It was beautiful!  The temperature was just perfect and there were no bugs. A lot of the scenery in this part of New York reminds me of the scenery you would see in parts of Central Nova Scotia or the Annapolis Valley.  This Gorge, however, is unique!  We giggled a bit when we noticed a large group of people looking down into the gorge, taking photos and exclaiming! It turned out that there was a large Beaver watching everyone above.  I joked to Kate that he must have been the welcoming committee for this Canadian!

My welcoming committee!

The photos can do more justice than my words:

Kate & I, still near the beginning of the journey

Just over a year ago, Kate was just beginning the recovery process from a near death experience after the birth of her third child. At that time, she couldn't even climb the 14 steps to their home so we celebrated that she could now walk one MILE up into the gorge! (And back again!)

I'm behind the waterfall here!

The topography was just beautiful!

Our timing was perfect – just as we got to the car, the heavens opened up and it POURED!!

The Heavens opened as we got into the car!

We made the decision to go straight to Corning to visit the Corning Museum of Glass.  We were less than ten minutes up the road and the sun came out!  It reminded me of Nova Scotian weather!

The Corning (As in Corningware casserole dishes) Glass Museum was interesting with beautiful displays of glass throughout the ages.  There were also live demonstrations and many tour buses.  Kate& I were able to each blow our own glass ornament outside.  Because they need time to cool (the kilns are at a temperature of 2100*F!), they will be shipped to us.  Because Canada Post is on strike, they are shipping mine toKate’s house and either she will ship it on to me after the strike, or – even better – bring it with them when they come to Nova Scotia & PEI to go camping this summer!!

Kate just had to make the reference "Corning - as in Corningware casserole dishes" and I was in!

Amazing glass sculpture!


A live demonstration as they made a glass vase and described the process

Blowing my own glass ornament!

It was late afternoon when we were finished at the museum, so we took the opportunity to get checked into our B&B, “Amazing Grace” at “Five Foxes Farm”.  This weekend is graduation, so many B&B’s have been long booked up.  We got our things in and then after a quick change headed back into Ithaca.  Before we arrived, Kate had booked us massages at Rasa Spa – her treat.  (Thank you Kate!!)  It was just what we needed after all the traveling yesterday, the hiking and the museum today!!

We left the spa and headed to the Moosewood Restaurant for dinner at my request.  D’Arcy already had one of the Moosewood cookbooks before we were married and some of my favourite recipes have come from it!  The restaurant was a leader in local, sustainable food decades ago and didn’t disappoint!  (Kate’s husband commented that he felt it funny that a mainly vegetarian restaurant would be called “Moosewood”!)  The servings were plentiful and delicious!  I am still feeling stuffed!  My only complaint is that the service was perhaps a bit too fast – we had just started our appetizers when our salads arrived.  I had just finished my salad and Kate was still working on hers when our entrees arrived!  We had quite a table full of food for a while!

Don't we look relaxed after our massages?! This meal was fantastic!!

After dinner we dragged our exhausted, full bodies back to the B&B for bed.  The fireflies are back again tonight, sparkling & lighting up the field across the road. Kate asked if I wanted to go and try to catch some, but I don’t think my tired feet would move fast enough!

As we were chatting as we were getting ready for bed, we both agreed today couldn’t have gone much better!

Tomorrow:  A winery, some errands, my first Starbucks, a sad goodbye and Cornell!

2 comments on “Exploring the Finger Lakes of New York – Day 2!

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  2. […] to Boston to visit our friends (and former B&B guests), Willem & Kate, in their new home. Kate met me in New York last year when I was attending Cornell, but we’re excited to have our ….We have about a four hour drive from here, and will stop in Freeport and New Hampshire along the […]


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