Day 3 – Goodbye & Cornell!

This morning, I was finally able to sleep in a little bit longer.  It was well after midnight when I went to sleep last night, so when I woke up at 5 ish (4ish Ithaca time) I forced myself to go back to sleep until a message from D’Arcy, asking a question about breakfast , woke me just before seven. The B&B was out in the country so there were many songbirgs singing & chirping and a rooster crowing.  I took my time and had a shower, then we went downstairs by 8:30.  There was one other couple at the B&B who were visiting Ithaca from Philadelphia for a high-school graduation.  We had a lovely breakfast of fresh fruit, juice, coffee, pancakes, local strawberries, bacon, yogurt & syrup.  It was delicious!

Amazing Grace B&B, Ithaca, New York


A horse at the B&B - no photo of the rooster though!

After breakfast, we drove to the Six Fingers Winery.  It was wonderful.  I participated in both the spirit tasting and the wine tasting at ten o’clock in the morning!  (It’s a good thing the “tastes” are only a 1/4 ounce!) They make their vodka from the grapes that they grow.  As I was tasting, I was sure to tell the General Manager about Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, and how they make their vodka from apples!   I ended up buying a bottle of Seyval Blanc and a bottle of Grappa.  I hope I am able to take them back into Canada with me.  It was a beautiful setting and they had just had a wedding there the night before.

Six Fingers Winery

Tasting the vodka made from grapes

We drove into the centre of Ithaca and went to Starbucks.  Kate & I each had some work to do.  I have to admit I had never been to a Starbucks before – there are a few in the Halifax area, but Nova Scotia is dominated by Tim Hortons.   I had a vanilla latte  and some vanilla scones. We worked & chatted, but unfortunately did not take any photos!  We knew our time was getting short, so we spent most of our time talking.

Our next stop was to fill the gas tank of the rental car: $24.90 was what it cost for us to drive around the Finger Lakes all weekend!!  (It costs almost $100 to fill our mini-van at home.)  Gas here is around 80 cents per litre!  Wow!  We returned to the Ithaca Tompkins airport to turn in the car and waited for the shuttle to take us to Cornell.

It was a quick drive and Kate’s sisters were here to pick her up shortly after we’d arrived.  We were in the lobby, waiting.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we hope that she & her family will stop in at the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast on their way to PEI later in the summer. ..

I decided that I’d go for a walk to explore the campus and get a few munchies to have in the room as I do my homework each night.  I was so taken with the architecture of the campus that I got LOST! I used the map, but when I couldn’t figure it out I finally asked a sweet young girl who is here from Southern California taking Chemistry & Engineering and she led me to where I wanted to go.  I think she felt sorry for me because she kept telling me how “tricky” it was to find and that her parents always get lost trying to get around too…  I’ve reached a new stage in life…

I think everyone on the East Coast is feeling the same way!

Beautiful architecture on the Cornell Campus

The School of Hotel Administration - where my classes are held!

The Statler Hotel - the "training" hotel for Cornell Students

I got a sandwich (which turned out to be delicious) and came back to the Statler Hotel to do some work.  I was showered and in my pj’s by 6:00.  I finally talked to my family and now it’s time for bed!

To see all of the photos of my trip, please click here!

Tomorrow:  First day of class!!

2 comments on “Day 3 – Goodbye & Cornell!

  1. Kate says:

    Hmmm…. maybe their samples were a bit stronger than you thought, since those of us who weren’t partaking seem to remember that we were actually here: … 😉

    Thanks again for everything, now all you need to do is shine in class so that you can come back again next summer! Piece of cake, right?

    We’ll keep you posted on our plans for the rest of the summer… Love you!


    • No wonder I couldn’t find it when I Googled it!! Thanks for the personalized tour of the area and the wonderful visit!! I had a wonderful time!! Hope to be together again soon!!!
      A xo


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