Last day already!

Not surprisingly, my blogging has taken a back seat to my school work over the past three days.  Being at Cornell – in a university setting –  has been a very intense experience.  Yesterday, for example, I met my group for an hour before class at 7:30 then class went until 5:00, with a one hour break for lunch.  I came back to my room for an hour and got my things packed up before meeting my group again to work on our case study of the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas.  We stopped working (note the choice of words – I didn’t say finished) at eleven.  Class today only goes until 3:30, then I hope to have time for one last walk on Campus to take some more photos before taking the shuttle to the airport.  If all goes well, my flight will land at 11:31 p.m., and D’Arcy should be there to pick me up!  As far as I know, we have two rooms booked tonight, so I’ll be back to making breakfasts tomorrow morning!

The class here at Cornell has been amazing!  I have met industry people from all around the world.  The people in my class alone come from: Turkey, Russia, the United Arab Emirates,  USA, The Philippines,  China, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Ghana & Germany!  I will try to sum up the whole experience – maybe while flying home and have more time.

Now I’m off to check out, print off my boarding pass, then go to present our case studies – it should be interesting since we have the executive director of Sales at the Atlantis Dubai in our class!!  I encourage you, if you have a few minutes to click on their website to see these properties – one of their core values  is to “blow people away” and I’m sure they do!

**By the way, there is still time to register for the Not-Since-Moses Run which is taking place at Five Islands on the Bay of Fundy on Sunday, July 3rd!!

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