It’ll be hard to top that year!

Here we are two days into 2012, and those two days have already been blissfully happy here at the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast/McDonah home. We have spent the holiday surrounded by family & friends, and guests from Mexico that became friends like family!

Our friends from Montreal were here with us for lunch, and while eating asked each of us, “What was your favorite part of 2011?” The following were a few of our answers:

  • D’Arcy graduating with his M. Ed from St. FX University
  • Anne attending Cornell University in June
  • A two week family vacation to Newfoundland this summer
  • Alex winning his way to the Provincial Spelling Bee (even though he lost in the second round with the word “wiseacre”)
  • Evan winning the “Most Sportsmanlike” trophy at baseball
  • The girls raised $109.25 at four lemonade stands and donated it to the new hospital
  • Anne got to lead Team Saskatchewan in to the arena during the Opening Ceremonies of the Canada Games
  • The Belgravia Bed & Breakfast winning “Best B&B in Colchester County” in June
  • The boys attended curling camp for the second year with Russ Howard & Mary Ann Arsenault and got to stay with our friends in Moncton
  • Alex was asked to be in the Truro Dance Academy’s “Nutcracker” production
  • Bluenose marathon weekend for D’Arcy, Anne, Evan & Alex
  • The birth of our first great-niece, Samantha
  • Alex got contacts
  • Olivia outgrew her cinnamon allergy!
  • A new school (5 minutes away!) for D’Arcy
  • Hosting & cooking Thanksgiving dinner for 37
  • Rollie’s (D’Arcy’s dad) 85th birthday!
  • 50 McDonahs together on Christmas Eve
  • Visits with family & friends from away – too many to mention! Aren’t we blessed!

And those are just the highlights that came off the top of our heads – I’m sure there are many more if we took some time to look at the calendar and remember properly.

We haven’t made resolutions for 2012, per say, but we do have some things we’re looking forward to:

  • Evan’s Brazil exchange (March)
  • Anne handing out graduation diplomas to her Tourism Management class in June
  • Major house enhancements – insulation, new roof, solar panels
  • Olivia will start school
  • Friends & family moving back home to Nova Scotia
  • Meeting many new friends from around the world!!

We leave you with a few photos from our holiday – Happy 2012!

D'Arcy & his father, Rollie, at Rollie's 85th birthday party.

Some of the McDonah cousins, during the cousin gift-exchange

Alex & "Ginna" (Deanna) Christmas Eve

So much love on Christmas afternoon

Dave & Deanna, Christmas afternoon

Happy, loving kids Christmas afternoon

With our new friends-like-family from Mexico - New Year's Eve 2011/2012

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