Snow Day Breakfast-in-Bed

It’s a SNOW DAY here in Truro. We’ve had more than 5cm of snow fall so far, with another 10cm and wind expected throughout the day. Because D’Arcy & the kids are in the public school system, they’ve already had a few snow days this year, while I’ve still had to go teach at the College. What a nice treat to wake up this morning and learn that Truro Campus has also closed for the day because of the weather! I emailed my students and crawled back under the covers for a few extra moments of sleep. The kids have obviously learned a few things from living in a Bed & Breakfast for close to ten years – they arrived into our bedroom laden down with a tray filled with hot (tasty!) coffee, french toast, syrup, yogurt, and dishes of cut up strawberries & bananas! They even served it on the china!

"Snow Day" breakfast in bed - D'Arcy had already taken his plate and dug in!

Snow days have their own special feeling. Because you’re never quite sure the night before whether or not school will be cancelled, you still have to make sure you are prepared for the following day. This makes a snow day much more relaxed than a normal “holiday” because everything you accomplish is a bonus!

The view from the dining room window - gentle snow falling on the trees

Today’s plans include D’Arcy & my getting caught up on our marking and planning for school, packing Evan’s luggage for his Brazil exchange (he leaves on Thursday!), and spending some time outside clearing snow and playing. This may very well be the last snow-day of the year, with spring just around the corner! We’ll enjoy it to the best of our ability!

Somehow, doing school work in front of the fireplace just seems so much more enjoyable!

Make Death Wait

We had the awful news today that two of my friends lost their husbands to heart attacks last night. These men were just 40 & 43 years old. We already have had a promotion on this month, that if you donate up to $50 to the Nova Scotia Heart & Stroke Foundation, we will issue you a charitable receipt for your income tax and also take that amount off your room charge. We’ve changed our terms and are now accepting donations for amounts up to and above the full room charge during the month of February.  Stay. Donate. #makedeathwait


Have a Heart

We, at the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast, have been partners with the Nova Scotia Heart & Stroke Foundation since 2005. Each year, during the month of February (Heart Month), canvassers go door-to-door in neighbourhoods across the province, collecting donations.  When they are finished, volunteers drop their kits off to our property for pick up. This year, however, we are taking things a step further…

For every stay at the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast during the rest of the month of February, we will be accepting donations (cash or cheque) for the Nova Scotia Heart & Stroke Foundation. Not only will you receive a charitable donation receipt which can be used for income tax purposes, but we will take the amount of your donation off the price of your room!

For example, a:

These prices include our tasty, heart-smart, full breakfast!

Both D’Arcy & I have family members & friends whose lives have been affected by heart disease or stroke, so we are thrilled to be able to offer this special for the month of February – heart month. We’re hoping to be successful enough that this will become an annual event for us!

Please call toll-free 1-866-877-9900, or locally (902) 893-7100, to make your reservation. This offer ends on March 1st, 2012.

Have a heart! ❤