Up, up and Away

We had to be in Ottawa on Monday night, but we really wanted to take a tour of the CN Tower in Toronto while we were so close. We drove from our hotel in Vaughn to the Yorkdale Mall, and took the subway from Yorkdale to Union Station. The kids love the subway and the girls find it a real treat to stand up and hold on to the poles while the train is moving. Luckily, we weren’t traveling at rush hour, so it wasn’t a problem for them to do this. Once we got downtown, we walked to the CN Tower and bought our tickets to take the elevator the 351 metres (1,151 feet) up to the observation deck. The views of Toronto are amazing from up there!

The CN Tower from ground level

Waiting to get our tickets.

Checking out the views of Toronto

Watching the planes take-off and land by Lake Ontario

I don’t really like heights, but I did enjoy the experience despite the feeling in my stomach!  The kids – especially the boys – had a lot of fun seeing what they could spot from way up there! We were directly above the CBC Broadcasting building, so I took a photo of it and “tweeted” to Jeff Douglas, Co-host of CBC’s “As It Happens”, cast of “Mudpit”,  and childhood friend, that we were waving to him. It was only a few moments later when he tweeted a photo of himself waving back to us! The kids were tickled.

“I’m waving back!” You can follow Jeff on Twitter @CBCJeffDouglas

We watched the “Skywalkers” who were hanging off the outside of the Tower via webcam, and spent some time walking, lying, and sitting on the glass floor. I have to admit, that definitely made my stomach turn – I doubt  I could do the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The whole family

People having fun on the glass floor

The view through the floor

Evan, doing some push-ups on the glass floor – this photo is for his Phys. Ed. teacher!

After we descended, we made our way to Boston Pizza for a late lunch/early supper before taking the subway back to our van. It was a four hour drive from Toronto to Otawa and the traffic was not anything like we are used to! D’Arcy drove in the city, as he’s more confident driving in traffic than I am. Once we were out of the city, and we were down to just three lanes, I took over and drove while he studied his marking manual.

Walking the streets of Toronto

Fun on the Subway


Fun on the subway

We arrived in Kanata at D’Arcy’s sister’s home right at 9:00 p.m. We had some tea and a glass of wine and got caught up with one another. Kathleen & Bill have four children as well, and Evan & Alex had arranged to stay with them while we were in the Ottawa area. We left the boys with their cousins and drove with the girls to check into our hotel in Gatineau, Quebec, where D’Arcy was scheduled to work for the week.

* This post was originally written while we were traveling from July 1st – 15th. We are now back home and welcoming guests!

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