The Long Way Home

When planning our itinerary, D’Arcy & I knew it would be faster to drive through Maine from Sherbrooke, rather than going back up to Quebec City then home, but late in the trip we started to wonder how much time it would add to drive through Vermont so that the kids could say that they were there. We talked to Scott about it and made the decision to take that route. This would mean that we would be traveling through three provinces and three states in one day. (Quebec, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia.)

We got up shortly after six and started to pack the van for the trip home. We all had a wonderful, non-rushed breakfast together in Scott & Jennifer’s big farmhouse kitchen. There was lots of great coffee, hot chocolate and conversation. The goal was to leave by eight, but by the time we said all of our goodbyes, and had hugs, it was about 8:20 when we started our 1300 km journey home.

The new friends!


The old friends! (Just number of years, not age!) 😉

We drove into Lennoxville and pointed out Bishop’s University to the boys. The older brother of one Alex’s best friends goes to Bishop’s. We crossed the border with no problems and visited the Information Centre to pick up a map of the State.

It’s unfortunate that we had to complete such a long drive in one day, because we would have liked to have stopped in many different places along the way. We’ve made notes, in case the Ottawa opportunity comes up again another year. The White Mountains were gorgeous, and we drove past Mt. Washington and Santa’s Village in New Hampshire, both places I remember visiting with my own parents when I was a child.

I was glad that Jennifer had sent along those treats for Olivia, as other than the delicious breakfast at their house, the rest of today’s meals were eaten in our van while we were on the move. The kids did remarkably well in the van, especially considering they were on the road for nine hours yesterday and almost fifteen hours today. There was only once, in Maine, when we told Olivia to pick out a house she liked so we would leave her there. She decided that we couldn’t leave her there, because “Pepper” (D’Arcy’s brother’s dog) would miss her. Oh my!

We filled up with gas one last time just before we got to Calais. It was only 76 cents per litre there, as opposed to $1.32/L here at home.

Our Border crossing back into Canada wasn’t as fun as our first crossing through there two weeks ago. This time, we were flagged for a random check. The Boarder Agent that checked the car was quite nice and I think he realized that we weren’t smuggling anything in to the country. He moved as quickly as possible and let us go. In fact, he allowed the kids to stay in their seats.  I’m sure it helped that I had my receipts ready and offered them to him to check. With six of us in the car, and having been in the States for six days last week, we were allowed to bring back $800 worth of goods each, duty free. We’re nowhere  even close to that, despite supporting the US Economy in Freeport!

After traveling 5,260 km by van in fourteen days; covering three provinces, five states; going from 156 feet underground to 1100 feet above ground; two different subway lines, a commuter train, an amphibious boat, numerous roller-coasters, many kilometers and stairs on foot; numerous shoulder rides, elevator rides, and luggage cart rides; seeing five major waterfalls, exploring twenty major museums and/or historic sites, swimming in pools, waterfalls, and a river; visiting with twenty-five people who are very special to us but we don’t have the opportunity to see often enough; we arrived home just after midnight to a full house at The Belgravia Bed & Breakfast and went right back to work.

It’s time to start saving for our next trip…

*This post was written during the 15 hour drive home from Quebec to Nova Scotia on July 15th.

2 comments on “The Long Way Home

  1. Swimminhill says:

    What a trip! I’ve enjoyed following along with the trip, but am happy to have you all home safe and sound. It’s surprising how often you lot popped into my head while you were away! 🙂

    Hugs to everyone there from everyone here, xoxo


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