82 Pounds of Food

Earlier this week, D’Arcy and Evan took the food we collected from the McDonah and Clark families during our Thanksgiving Dinner to the Colchester Food Bank, to help those who are not as fortunate as we are. When they had it all accounted for, the donations came in at 82lbs! Thank you again to our families for their generosity!

Evan delivers donations to the Colchester Food Bank.

Thankful to be able to help those in need.


This Thanksgiving Monday, I am happily *full*, in all senses of the word. D’Arcy, Evan, Alex, Sarah, Olivia and I hosted our 4th annual Thanksgiving extravaganza.

For the past four years, we have hosted D’Arcy’s parents, his eight brothers and sisters and their families, and my parents for Thanksgiving Dinner. One of my favourite parts of the meal is when, in a circle around the table, we all share what we’re thankful for. Family… health… friends… “family and friends which are one and the same”… cousins that are growing up not just knowing one another, but as friends… family traditions that we value and hold dear…

We had close to 3/4 of the 40+ family in attendance, but were missing a few. With the wonders of technology, we were able to connect with D’Arcy’s brother and his wife who were in Alberta welcoming a new grandson, and our niece Kathryn who is in her first year at Memorial University of Newfoundland. We also had lovely Facebook messages from nieces and nephews who live away. Although they weren’t physically able to be present, we felt their presence at the gathering.

This year, the meal featured a 25 pound turkey, and two pork roasts; homemade savory dressing, mashed potato casserole, squash casserole, peas with red pepper and basil, six bean salad, mustard pickles, cranberry sauce, gravy and whole wheat rolls. Throughout the afternoon, family munched on shrimp, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, olive tapanade, and salsa dip with crackers. Dessert was apple pie, pumpkin pie, and apple crisp with whipped cream – lots and lots of whipped cream! We provide the meal and our family graciously brings donations which we take to the food bank.

We are thankful for our family and friends, our health, our home which is large enough to accommodate 30+ at one long table, and the opportunities that our Bed & Breakfast has offered us. We are thankful for our guests – especially those who return again and again, and become part of our family.

We are thankful.

Handsome helpers, chopping onions, celery, and peeling apples, potatoes and squash.

Evan helped me set the table and Sarah & Olivia colored and made place cards for everyone with Ginna’s help.

Michael, Erin & Stephen chat before dinner

We were so happy to have nephew Pat & his fiancee Jackie home with us again this year after spending the last two Thanksgivings in Australia and China. They will be getting married in Greece in August.

Chatting with Jackie in the kitchen – she’s an expert gravy whisker!

D’Arcy’s dad, Rollie, our nephew Ryan, and my dad, Dave chatting together before dinner.

Olivia and her cousin (once removed) Seamus.

Hugs as Stephen & Kathy arrive.

It’s so much fun to watch the older cousins interacting with the younger cousins. I’m not sure who has more fun…

Erin & Dave enjoy the sunshine on the front stoop.

More love from Olivia to Seamus.

Two of D’Arcy’s favourite women! 😉

Grandpa, Neil & Olivia

Neil & Auntie K

D’Arcy and I did not plan our attire… This is what happens after 15 years of marriage?


Olivia and some of the food bank donations