Team Spinney (our boys) in action at the 1st Canada Winter Games Curling Qualifier. (Video)

We made it home from the bonspiel in Yarmouth last night, despite the miserable weather and snow-covered roads. What should have been a four hour drive took about six. Who’s bright idea was it to encourage our kids to play winter sports in Canada, anyway?! Although we were disappointed the boys didn’t qualify in this tournament (they recognize they didn’t play their best among tough competition), they will still have another chance to qualify for the 2015 Canada Winter Games in March at another qualifier in Halifax. Of the 28 teams who have been participating in the process since last year, two boys teams and two girls teams were chosen to move through to next year. Next year’s group will go from 28 to just six boys teams and six girls teams. Once through the process, Team Nova Scotia will be chosen at the end of next season.

All-in-all, it was a great weekend with lots of team bonding time; the games they lost were only by one point each, (and one was in an extra end), so it was really great curling. On Saturday, after their first loss, they were asked to participate in a short video about the weekend. If you’d like to see our boys in action, here is the link:

Team Spinney in Action at the 1st Canada Winter Games Curling Qualifier

There was also a newspaper article with a photo

We’ll be “hurrying hard” at practice between now and March!


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