One more course complete

Today is my final morning in New York. Yesterday’s case study group presentation went well and yesterday afternoon I received a certificate stating I completed the course in Strategic Financial Management for Hotels. Near the end of yesterday’s class, our professor stated, “If every guest leaves your property feeling extremely satisfied, the you are over-providing, and not providing maximum value to your owner.” That may be the case with hotels, but as a bed & breakfast, there is a certain pride that goes along with having each of our guests leave our property feeling extremely satisfied, and that goes well beyond monetary value. As a B&B, we are providing a different experience for our guests than a hotel does anyway.

I get a lot out of these courses and am looking forward to sharing some of the tips I learned in this course with my other B&B colleagues, and also with my tourism students at NSCC. Next year, I plan (hope) to come back to Cornell one more time to take the final course to earn my Certification in Strategic Hospitality Management: “Leadership in Turbulent Times”. I’m looking forward to that one already. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but coming here to study has been a “bucket list” item for me, ever since I was earning my Tourism degree in university and used to pour over the Cornell Academic Journals. When I’m here, I soak up as much of the atmosphere and learning as I can!

Presenting our case study in class:


Receiving my certificate of completion from my professor. This photo cracks me up. Professor Carvell had a great sense of humour. That’s my new friend, Heather, in the back ground laughing too!


Yay!! Another course (The one I was the most afraid of) completed!!


After class was finished and we said our goodbyes to those who were leaving, I made a quick trip to the Cornell store to pick up a few little gifts to take home to the kids. I met up with Loretta, my travel partner from Nova Scotia (whom I had hardly seen all week), and Yann from Australia who had been in our class two years ago and whom I sat beside all week this week. We had a drink together with their professor from last year (the new Dean at UNLV) and then our professor joined us. We had some interesting conversation about United Airways and their flights into Ithaca from Newark. Apparently our situation flying in was not unusual…

Loretta and I ended up going upstairs to Taverna Banfi in the Statler Hotel for supper. It was wonderful! The meal and service were fantastic. Loretta & I had a great time chatting and getting caught up. We had two servers looking after us – Kevin and Kari – and they were outstanding. Kevin is in the hospitality class of 2015 and aspires to eventually become the General Manager of a large, full-service property such as the Four Seasons. When it came time for dessert, they brought us a bottle of sparkling wine and some chocolate covered strawberries, on the house. Kari was teasing Kevin that he had a crush on Loretta… 🙂

I’ve eaten at that restaurant each of the three years I’ve been here and it has never disappointed. I recommend it highly and will submit a Trip Advisor review when I get home.

Loretta, Yann, myself, and Professor Carvell:


My appetizer at Taverna Banfi: lamb meatballs with beets and quinoa. Oh my goodness these were delicious!!


Loretta and Kevin with dessert:


Loretta and me at dinner:


We got back to our rooms at about 10:30 and I got my things organized before heading to bed. D’Arcy has had a couple of late nights and early mornings with guests this week while I’ve been away, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be happy that I’ll be home shortly!

Since my classes at NSCC finished at the end of April, I have completed five courses in my own learning. (I am currently working on my diploma in adult education as well as this certification in Strategic hospitality management.) I have one more paper to complete for one more course which I plan to work on while traveling home today and then I am taking a break from formal learning for the rest of the summer! 🙂

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