Time Warp

(December 23) This four hour time change is making us feel like we’re in a time warp! Our body clocks are all messed up…

After 15 hours of travel through the night, we made it to Portland, Oregon just before 11am local time (3pm at home)! My cousin Phil, and his wife Susan, were waiting to greet a tired but excited crew at the airport! We hugged and went to see if our bags had arrived. We really had low expectations, not thinking that there would have been any chance to get the bags transferred in the four minute layover we had in Chicago. We were stunned that when the conveyor belt started to move, our lobsters, booster seats, and luggage were out first! We started for the vehicles and realized that we had left our camera bag (with our passports in it!!) on the plane. D’Arcy and Phil ran back into the airport to see if they could retrieve it while Susan, the girls and I loaded up the car. Luck was definitely on our side, because the cleaning crew had found it and D’Arcy was able to pick it up very quickly. Phew! We consider ourselves lucky that we realized we left it while still at the airport! What a hassle that could have turned out to be…

We drove to Phil & Susan’s which is in the Southeast side of Portland (Hawthorne District), in walking distance to many different shops and restaurants. The girls were excited to see a palm tree and I couldn’t believe the size of the rhododendrons! Many trees are covered in moss because of the amount of moisture in the air.  The kids thought they wanted to get out and explore, so we walked to a neat place called “Jam” to have some all-day-breakfast for lunch. It had a fun atmosphere, tasty beer, and great menu. It was humorous to watch the kids fade quickly though. Sarah had ordered french toast and the slices of bread must have been two inches thick! She was having trouble cutting it, and when Alex, sitting across from her, made a comment to her about her strawberries ending up on the table, she got into a snit and then fell asleep – immediately – sitting up at the table! The boys had ordered “Breakfast Roulette” where the server makes the choice. Evan ended up with a breakfast sandwich, hash browns, and lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry sauce; Alex had pumpkin pancakes with a marscapone filling. When we woke Sarah at the end of the meal, she tried to curl up on the couch they had by their front door. We walked back to Phil & Susan’s in the West Coast mist, with the boys piggy backing their sisters.

Lunch at "Jam" on Hawthorne

Lunch at “Jam” on Hawthorne

We made the decision to chill out for awhile, put on pyjamas and watch a Christmas movie. Soon, everyone except for Sarah and Susan were dozing. When the movie was over, Evan, Alex, and Olivia were each in deep sleeps. Sarah occupied herself we started cooking the lobsters. I hadn’t realized that Susan had never actually held a live lobster, when she’s in Nova Scotia, they’re usually already cooked for her. These ones were particularly feisty! While we were cooking the lobsters, a couple of friends came over and we tasted a selection of local beer that Phil on-hand had for us to try. Sarah and Susan hung our stockings on their fireplace, and I marvelled at the fact Sarah was still awake!

Susan isn't sure about meeeting her first live lobster; she prefers them on her plate! :-)

Susan isn’t sure about meeeting her first live lobster; she prefers them on her plate! 🙂

Alex, Olivia and Evan slept from 3pm on Monday until 5:30am on Tuesday after our long travel days.

Alex, Olivia and Evan slept from 3pm on Monday until 5:30am on Tuesday after our long travel days.

The four adults ate our lobsters with butter, bread, cheeses, antipasta, and local beer. It was the perfect end to a long, what-seemed-to-take-forever,  journey! D’Arcy & I went to bed at 8:00pm local time (midnight at home) and wondered how long the kids would remain asleep, and if they’d make go through the night. (They did – waking at 5:30 local time the next day.) I know that I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, ready to recharge for the exciting days to come!

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