Bon Voyage!

Since we got home from our epic Christmas vacation, our lives have gone non-stop. We got home after 9pm on Saturday, January 4, and picked up our exchange student and exchange teacher just after noon on Sunday, January 5. We had a fun two+ weeks with Gabriel & Fabiana, introducing them to curling and snow; snowshoeing, lobster, snow angels, and building snow men. They were a perfect fit for our household!

The whole family, saying goodbye for now at the closing dinner

The whole family, saying goodbye for now at the closing dinner


An unusually warm winter’s day at Peggy’s Cove


Lunch at the pub in Mahone Bay


Visiting a Canadian icon – The Bluenose II.


Digby Scallops – first time and they were a hit! ( So much so we served them again the following weekend…)

Gabriel shells lobster.

Gabriel shells lobster.


The gang with Frosty the Snowman

We had a wonderful time and were sad to see them go home, despite the fact we knew that D’Arcy & Alex would be visiting them in just two months.

Like Evan two years ago, we were happy to encourage Alex to travel, but as part of a family with four children, we told him he would have to raise the cost of his trip himself. He has worked so hard over the past year: babysitting, mowing lawns, raking leaves, collecting recyclables, selling tickets on a raffle basket & cow patty bingo, and doing paperwork; he designed cards and sold them at the Christmas Craft Fair; we made and sold 49 litres of baked beans and loaves of brown bread. Last weekend, we made and sold 33 litres of corn chowder and 54 loaves of brown bread. He peeled all the veggies, helped cut onions, and prepped the front steps and driveway for delivery.  Amidst all of this, he has curled seven times per week, plays saxophone and clarinet in two different bands, and had a report card that shows he’s at the top of his class.

Selling his self-designed cards at the craft fair.

Selling his self-designed cards at the craft fair.

Who says teenagers are lazy?

On Wednesday of this past week, he made the final payment on his $3,000 trip to Brazil.

So. Proud.

During this process, D’Arcy was asked to take over as male chaperone. As I write this, the two of them are in the air, on their way to an adventure of a lifetime.

All three of us will be posting over the next two weeks, keeping each other and Alex’s supporters up to date on all adventures…

They will land in Sao Paulo around 12:30 on Saturday, March 8, (just as Sarah & Olivia hit the ice at home at their first curling bonspiel). In Sao Paulo, they have a ten hour layover before a five hour flight to Sao Luis, on the Northern coast of Brazil. They are scheduled to arrive at their final destination at 3am. With the time change tonight, we will be in the same time zone, so luckily won’t need to worry about adjusting to that.

The Brazil 2014 group

The Brazil 2014 group before going through security at Halifax Stanfield International Airport.


Father & son embark on the adventure of a lifetime together


Somebody is going to miss her dad…

There are ten teens from four different schools participating in this exchange, along with D’Arcy and a female chaperone. They are a fantastic group of teenagers, and Alex (only student from the Truro area) fits in with them well. When we arrived at the airport, he was immediately embraced and we might as well not have been there… (That’s what we want, right?)

We are so happy for them and wish them safe travels and many happy memories.


One comment on “Bon Voyage!

  1. Judy Carpenter says:

    Anne you have so much to be proud of, you are one awesome mom. Raising kids is hard work and you certainly go above and beyond but it pays off in the end. You have amazing children who certainly have excellent role models for parents


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