Traveling in threes

Update by D’Arcy…

They say that things happen in threes and the start of our Brazil exchange would prove to be the same.  To start, we met at Stanfield International airport at 3:00 pm to begin the check in process for our journey to Sao Luiz, Brazil. Not only will our journey take place over three calendar days but we will have been in three time zones, landed in three Brazilian cities – Sao Paulo, Brasilia and Sao Luis – and travelled on three different planes. Finally, we are scheduled to arrive in Sao Luis just after 3:00 am on March 9, which is the third group of three days in the third month of the year.

Before passing through security.

Before passing through security.

Stanfield International (HFX)

Waiting to board flight to Toronto.

On our way to Toronto.

On our way to Toronto.

Our first stop was Toronto, on flight AC 619, departing Halifax from gate 20 at 5:05 pm.  We arrived in Toronto at 6:40 pm, local time, and made our way to gate E80 where we would board our second flight with Sao Paulo, Brazil, as our destination.  We had a wait time of approximately 4.5  hours, which was lengthened to 5.5 hours as our flight was delayed due to a late connecting flight from Vancouver. We passed the time playing cards and exploring Pearson International Airport.

Penguin Wall Colouring (Pearson International)

Alex and Georgia colouring Penguins in Toronto’s Pearson International Airport.

The second flight was aboard a Boeing 767 and was a smooth ride throughout.  We departed from the gate at approximately 12:25 am and arrived in Sao Paulo at 12:25 pm, Sao Paulo time. On this flight we were served a meal at approximately 1:00 am and breakfast at around 9:00 am  There were no issues and everyone fared well. After passing through Immigration, we picked up our luggage and proceeded through Customs and made our way to the TAM check in desk where we re-checked our luggage for the third leg of our trip from Sao Paulo to Sao Luis.  Now began our 10 hour layover in Sao Paulo International Airport.

Kristen and friend 2

Kristen helping a little boy colour a picture.

Boeing 767

Inside view of the plane to Sao Paulo.


The view out the window.

The final leg of our trip was aboard an AirBus 320. TAM airlines flight 3180 was scheduled to depart at 10:00 pm but did not leave the gate until approximately 10:25 pm. This was probably the shakiest flight of our journey as we experienced a little bit of turbulence on our way to stopping in Brasilia. We arrived in Sao Luis at 3:10 am and were greeted by friendly faces with beautiful smiles waving Canadian and Brazilian flags.  Our journey to Sao Luis was complete and now we look forward to the experience that awaits.

AirBus A320

Finally in Sao Luis, Brazil.

One comment on “Traveling in threes

  1. Colleen Pinkney says:

    Wow, this is so well written, and detailed! I feel like I am part of this incredible journey!


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