Sexta-feira, Março 21          (written by D’Arcy)

Today was scheduled as a Free Day with family or school.  This is the tough day where  we have say all the Goodbyes that will be said as we near the end of our trip.  We know that we must return home, but many friendships have been formed and it will be difficult to leave them.

Kristen and her class at Crescimento.

Class at Crescimento.

Tonight we had a farewell dinner with the host families at La Pizzeria, a restaurant in the Historic part of the city.  Walking through these streets on a Friday night is quite an experience in itself.  The streets are narrow and full with people.  If you want food, there are vendors selling.  If you want crafts, there are many different crafts available.  If you want live music, there are three or four bands playing.  The buildings in this section of town are 350 – 400 years old and are covered with the porcelain tiles that we learned about in our art class. It was amazing.

São Luís at night.

São Luís at night.

La Pizzeria

La Pizzeria

Kristen, Hanna, Alex and Jiimmy.

At the farewell dinner

Lori and Silvania.

Lorieann and Silvania.

After we finished eating, the students each received certificates for completion of the exchange program. Seloina Sell, from via Mundo, handed out these certificates.


Alex and Selonia

Now it is time to complete packing, or for some of us, to start packing and begin to say goodbye to São Luís.  Tomorrow, we need to be at the airport for 11:40 am.  Our flight to São Paulo is scheduled to depart at 2:40 pm.

As far as this blog goes, we will wrap it up after the trip is complete.

Until then, farewell.

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