Let’s Never Say Farewell

Disclaimer: This isn’t one of my typical B&B posts.

20 years ago today, a very dear friend of mine was in a car accident and was killed in an instant; I’ll never forget receiving the phone call. Today was a crappy day, weather-wise, and I heard many people complaining about the cold temperatures and freezing rain. It’s not so unusual for April 25 in Nova Scotia.

Tara Lynne Touesnard was just 21 years old and had the world on a string. She was a well respected Nova Scotian fiddler and humanitarian, having been recognized many times. We met at Acadia University on September 4, 1990, her 18th birthday. Years later, my due date with Evan (our first child) was September 4th and I remember thinking throughout my pregnancy how happy she might have been if he had been born on her birthday.

She received the Terry Fox Youth Humanitarian Award in Toronto the year I met her and I remember watching her receive it on television from our dorm at Acadia University in Wolfville. She had already won numerous awards and made various recordings by the time I met her, and had been a cast member in the Cape Breton Summertime Revue.  She was on her way to do a segment on an early morning television show when her car hit black ice and she collided with a tractor-trailer and was killed.

After 20 years, each time I wake up on the morning of April 25, my first thought is still of Tara Lynne and her family. I have thought of her all day.

I leave you with a clip of one of her recordings, “Ashokan Farewell”, recorded in 1992, in River Bourgious, Cape Breton for her album “Bowing the Strings”. When I listen to it, through my melancholy I can still see her vividly – see her smile, hear her laugh, and remember the grace with which her hands moved. Let’s never say farewell…



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