MAYbe I’ve mentioned it before: MAY IS NF AWARENESS MONTH!

May is Food Allergy Awareness month AND Neurofibromatosis month – diseases which have both impacted our hearts and lives. Our dear, sweet, loving niece (married to our nephew, Mike), Emily, is doing the very best she can to raise awareness and develop a support group for NF in Nova Scotia. I admire Emily’s strength, courage, and resilience in the face of all she’s been through this year since her diagnosis. When I had to answer the question, “who do you admire the most” at an icebreaker recently, my answer, without hesitation, was “My niece, Emily”. Please read below, and I’m sure you’ll understand why…

Tales From Swimmin Hill

Last May saw me newly diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis and recovering from my second surgery of the year. This May, I’m well acquainted with Schwannomatosis, and in the final phases of launching the Neurofibromatosis Society of Nova Scotia. I’ve learned a lot, been through a lot, and thankfully, accomplished a lot.

As most of you know, we lost my mom quite suddenly last weekend to cancer. I’ve been wrapped up in her loss and my family this month, but it’s important to me to take the time to share and, I hope, continue to raise awareness for the condition.

Neurofibromatosis is a group of three different genetic conditions (NF1, NF2, and Schwannomatosis) that make those affected prone to the development of tumors within their nerve tissue. Each type has it’s own traits, and difficulties including learning disabilities, hearing loss, chronic pain, and paralysis. You can learn more by visiting The Children’s…

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One comment on “MAYbe I’ve mentioned it before: MAY IS NF AWARENESS MONTH!

  1. Swimminhill says:

    Anne, you’ve left me speechless. I would say we’re a good fit in each other’s lives, I draw strength and inspiration from the Belgravia crew every day.

    Sending so much love!


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