Our mini-staycation

We have been sticking close to home this summer, working as much as possible with the hopes of taking some time off as a family next summer before Evan heads to university. It has been a busy summer with guests from all over, but many one-nighters which means a full turnover of rooms each day.

We decided to take Friday and Saturday off, but sleep in our own beds. On Friday, we went to the city and did some back-to-school shopping for growing kids and a shrinking husband. It was fortuitous that we had closed out because at 1am, one of the 11 smoke alarms in our house started to shriek. Of course, it was at the top of our back stairwell which required some climbing to get to! We have no idea what caused it, and I was slightly disturbed that the girls, whose bedroom is right beside, slept through the whole thing!

We slept in on Saturday (until 8ish), then spent the morning puttering before going to visit D’Arcy’s brother & family at their cottage at nearby Shortt’s Lake for the afternoon.

Saturday is race day at the lake, so D’Arcy & Kevin (or “Uncle Hug” as he is known around here) sailed while the cousins swam, kayaked, paddled, and played, and Auntie Kay and I got caught up. The boys won the race, despite a false start and having to make an extra turn, and Evan & Olivia took a long paddle around the lake in D’Arcy’s canoe while Sarah learned to paddle board. It was a beautiful afternoon. Later, Alex joined Evan & Olivia in the canoe, which they ended up tipping… which is why we always wear life jackets! Too bad the ipod in Evan’s pocket didn’t have a life jacket!

After the race was over, we went to a neighbouring cottage for the “aftersail” party. That cottage had a high platform to jump off, which kept the kids – and their mothers – busy. Olivia & I were reluctant at first, but once we conquered our fears, there was no stopping us. I’m sure the wine helped boost my courage!

We barbequed sausages for supper at Karen & Kevin’s before coming home to sleep in our own beds. We are booked at 100% occupancy again this week, and school is looming on the nearby horizon, so it was nice to have the opportunity to spend time together making summer memories.

Belgravia Bed & Breakfast


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