Business plan writing in Arusha

On Wednesday, our second day with students, Kellie left us early for the day to go visit two of the cultural villages. Because class wasn’t beginning until 1 p.m., we were able to sleep in a little bit, and then Amy & I went outside to work around the pool with our cappuccinos. While we were working our friend, Dennis, from the first evening, came and found us. He told us that he had tried to contact us on Monday to go spice shopping, but wasn’t able to get through. We explained that we had spent most of the day at the college, and so we probably wouldn’t have been able to go to the market at the right time anyway. He was disappointed that we weren’t staying longer because he would have liked to have taken us to his home at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. img_4142

Amy ran up to her room to grab the red bananas she had purchased in Mosquito Creek for him. (The bananas which caused me to purchase all the necklaces!) She presented them to him and he proudly accepted. One of the bananas was a “double banana” in a peel which made him announce to us that Amy had “blessed him with twins”.

We were picked up by Amiri at noon and taken to the campus for lunch before we began teaching. Lunch consisted of rice, potatoes, a beef stew, a cabbage dish, chapati, and fried tilapia. We also had fresh watermelon juice, and watermelon and fruitcake for dessert.

Class went well and everyone returned for the second day! We went over their homework from the day before, and they spent the first hour completing a score sheet to determine which of their three ideas from the first day they would spend their time writing a business plan for. Ideas ranged from farming to opening a vocational college. It was amazing!

After they had settled on an idea, we used the Business Model Canvas by Strategyzer to help them develop their idea. It was fun to see them working with the post-it notes and embrace the idea. After they finished the canvas, we had tea of chicken on-the-bone and peanuts. We gave them a business plan template which they took home for homework. Marynurce had gotten up at 4am to translate it from English to Swahili for those who weren’t comfortable working in English.

When the day ended, the participants thanked us warmly, and one woman said, “nekupenda” to me, which means “I love you”. I was touched to know that we were able to develop a bond in such a short time.

We had a short de-brief at the end of the session before driving back to the hotel with Amiri, Marynurce, and Willy. When we arrived, Kellie had just gotten back herself, and was waiting for us at “our table” with a Kilimanjaro. We ordered dinner from the menu and I had my favourite spicy chicken wrap. Because we were all exhausted from our late night and full day, we were responsible and went to bed at a decent time

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