Presenting Canada to the Brazilian students

Segunda-feira, Março 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Presenting to your own class can be intimidating.  Presenting to the student body of a school other than your own can be even more intimidating.  Today, we presented to the student body from the afternoon, or second shift, classes at Escola Crescimento.



Here is Emma’s summary of today’s presentations:

Today we had school in the morning, but most people did not go.  At 9:30 we all met in the library to go over and add to the presentation we were presenting to the afternoon students. The presentation was about Canada.  It talked about population of Canada and Brazil, and population of São Luis and Nova Scotia.  We also talked about Canadian food, music, people, sports and places.
We presented it twice in the afternoon 2 o’clock.  Once to the older high school students and another time to the middle school students.  The high school students loved Jimmy.  After the presentation they went up to him and took pictures with him like he was a celebrity. It was hilarious. 
Over all I think that the presentations went well and the Brazilian students enjoyed it.  Hopefully they learned at least one thing that they did not know about Canada today. 


As Emma noted, our students had to make two presentations, as there was not enough space in the auditorium for the whole student body. 

Our first presentation was to the 2nd and 3rd year high school students and the auditorium was full. These students are bigger and older than our kids which added to the intimidation factor.

High School students settling in for our Canada presentation.

High School students settling in for our Canada presentation.

Our audience.

Our audience.

Getting ready.

Getting ready.

Selina, from via Mundo.

Our second presentation was to grade 7 – 9 students.  This presentation was a little less intimidating as the students were smaller in number and also closer in age.

Our middle school audience.

Our middle school audience.

The Crescimento students were attentive to the presentation and cheered alot. At the end there was time for a few questions.


Fielding questions

After the presentations were completed, afternoon shift students returned to their schedule.

Tomorrow, the only scheduled activity is attending classes. Time for a much needed break.

A Visit to Maple Bear Canadian Elementary School

Pi-day: March 14 (by D’Arcy)

As was mentioned in an earlier post, next door to Escola Crescimento is Maple Bear Elementary School.  This school utilizes Canadian curriculum and teaching methodology.  Students start at age 2 in the toddler class and for now classes go up to grade 4. They plan to add add a grade per year, over the next several years, to eventually have a school enrollment up to grade 9. Instruction is in English and Canadian educators are brought down to help with curriculum and methodology.  Fabiana Mondego, one of the teacher chaperones who accompanied the Brazilian students to Nova Scotia(and lived at our home), teaches at Maple Bear Elementary.


My homestay brother, Louis-Philip.

My homestay brother, Louis-Philip.

We were invited to go to Maple Bear Elementary and visit with the classes to read stories, maybe tell stories, and possibly answer questions.  Maple Bear students wear a uniform that has a white shirt with the Canadian Flag and red shorts with the Maple Bear Logo.  The classrooms are set up in a familiar fashion to what we see at home which made being in the classrooms feel more comfortable.  Our students were paired up and placed in different classrooms and they chose stories from the classroom libraries. They had very attentive audiences.  It was a great experience.


Jimmy and Mullen reading to Fabiana’s class.


Later in the evening, we will go to watch a volleyball game between São Luís and Castelinho.  I will update this game in the next post.

*Note from Anne: D’Arcy tells me that Alex was in a different room than he was, so there are no photos of Alex reading to the kids. He will be in Fabiana’s classroom again next week, so we’ll try to get some photos at that time – hopefully even of him reading to Louis-Phillip!

I Am Canadian!

We stayed up late last night to watch the closing ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  I can’t tell you how hard we laughed as we watched.  I don’t think anyone can argue that Canadians are the best at poking fun of ourselves!  It’s felt really great to be Canadian these past couple weeks as we watched all the amazing, human stories come out of the games.  I’m attaching a short video that is now at least ten years old; it was a popular beer commercial at the time and stars a former Truro boy, high-school friend, Jeff Douglas.

The Relationship between Canadians & Americans

I found the following clip in our inbox this morning:  “Tom Brokaw explains the relationship between Canada and The United States, in a pre-recorded short film that aired on NBC prior to the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on Feb. 14th, 2010.”

In my opinion, it is well-worth the watch, highlighting the inter-connectedness of our two great countries!  Well done NBC!

Vote Bay of Fundy as a New Seven Wonders of Nature!

We are so lucky to be located at the head of the Bay of Fundy, where we can see the Tidal Bore twice daily, and the highest tides in the world are just a short drive away.

The Bay of Fundy is representing Canada in the new Global Seven Wonders of Nature Contest.  We need your votes before July 7th to ensure that we become one of the 77 International sites in the next phase of the contest.

Did you know?

  • The Bay of Fundy boasts the highest and most dramatic tides in the World
  • The Bay of Fundy compares in Biodiversity to the Amazon Rain Forest
  • The Bay of Fundy is home to 12 species of whales
  • The Bay of Fundy is a critical migratory feeding area for many bird species
  • The Bay of Fundy has Internationally Renowned Geology
  • The Bay of Fundy is the best site in the world for tidal power generating potential
  • The Bay of Fundy is home to TWO UNESCO sites

For more information on the Bay of Fundy and to vote, click on:

And, just for fun and more Bay of Fundy information, Terri McCulloch writes a fun Bay of Fundy Blog – check it out!

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