Just another School Day…

Terça-feira, Março 18

Today was a fairly quiet day as there were no scheduled activities other than attending classes.  Alex and Mullen dropped into Fabiana’s classroom to read stories and sing songs.

Mullen reading a story.

Mullen reading a story.

Listening to the story.

Listening to the story.

Alex reading a story.

Alex reading a story.

Ij your happy and you know it . .

If you’re happy and you know it . . .

Other classroom shots.

Mullen and Hanna in class.

In class.

Baileigh and Emma in class.


Alex in class.

Alex in class.

Tomorrow we will have dance lessons.

400 Years of History

The following post was written by Lorieann, the female chaperone on the exchange:

Thursday, March 13

Today, we all went to visit the Lion Palace. It is not only the residence of the governor (technically governadora who is a woman. Her father used to be the president but is now a senator) but where they would entertain any dignitaries who would visit. It was very interesting to see the articles (paintings, vases, wardrobes, etc.) which have been collected since the “palace” was open almost 400 years ago. You won’t be seeing any of those things though, no pictures and no touching the articles allowed. We also have to wear protective wear over our shoes to keep the floors from being ruined. This meant the beautiful wooden floors were INCREDIBLY slippery!

Palácio do Leão

Palácio do Leão

One of the lion statues in front of the Lion Palace.

One of the lion statues in front of the Lion Palace.

Heading upstairs for the tour.  No cameras allowed after this point.

Heading upstairs for the tour. No cameras allowed after this point.

After the tour was completed.

After the tour was completed.

After we were finished our tour we had a little free time so we were taken on a tour of the local art area. There were many very interesting shops with lots of different gift ideas. Some bought gifts and some bought gifts for ourselves.

Heading to the Market.

Heading to the Market.


Checking out some shops.


Moving along.


Street scene.

That evening we experienced a “Tambor de Crioula” workshop. Tambor de Crioula is African drumming and dancing. Many of them took part in the drumming (both boys and girls were able to drum while girls could dance).  Not so many of the girls were brave enough to take part in the dance. D’Arcy jokes he would have liked to try the dance but was sad it was just for girls.

Tambor de Creole

Tambor de Crioula


One of the teachers for our activity.


Getting lessons.




Jimmy getting lessons.

Private lessons.

The girls also had fun and even by the end of the evening they were able to convince all the girls to try…

Emma and Hanna dancing.


Random Photos

IMG_3643  IMG_3645 IMG_3668   IMG_3771(2)

The end of an era…

Wow, the past two days were emotional! As of today, my two terms on the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) Board are over. I have spent the past four years working with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met – people who also live & breathe tourism every day. I have tried to write this post many times this evening, but between exhaustion & emotion, am finding it difficult to find the words… Instead, I will post one photo and try to put it all into words tomorrow…

Thank YOU TIANS!! I’ve learned so much in the past four years!!