Please Support TreeGo in Truro

* Please note that the town has made the decision to enter into negotiations with the TreeGo company, using a different piece of land than originally proposed.

Earlier this week, I sent the following letter to our Mayor & Town Council, expressing our Support of the proposed “TreeGo” in Victoria Park.

Dear Mayor Mills and members of Truro Town Council,

As residents & business owners in the Town of Truro, we would like to express support for the proposed “TreeGo” in Victoria Park.  Eco and Adventure Tourism are among the fastest growing sectors of the Tourism Industry and we firmly believe that this tourism product proposed for a portion of the park would assist in making our Town a “destination”.

Tourism is the number one industry in the province and Truro cannot afford to miss out on a chance to increase both our visibility and the overall financial impact of having such an attraction in our area.  This venture will help put both the Town and Victoria Park on the map and will keep people in the area longer while spending more money in the community.

We speak from experience, welcoming nearly 1000 guests into our home each year.  Currently Truro is merely a stopping point for tourists, either as a base while they explore the Bay of Fundy, or as a pass-through on their way to & from Cape Breton. One of the first questions our guests ask upon arrival is, “What can we DO here?”

We understand that there may be concerns of affecting the existing quality of the park, but we truly believe this project can only enhance the facilities that currently exist. Knowing that this company was developed by and is associated with the developers of the “Outward Bound” Program (which D’Arcy has participated in), we have every confidence that they will adhere to the Outward Bound philosophy of promoting self-reliance, adaptability, responsibility, confidence, integrity, and persistence.  According to the TreeGo Franchisor’s website, “We are committed to developing environmentally-friendly products. All the wood used for platform construction is natural (cedar and larch) and chemical-free. Trees are not harmed and all sites are built with the greatest care for the environment and respect for each unique landscape. A TreeGO Aerial Adventure Course could be removed from its placements with very little evidence of it ever having existed.”

We are excited to see something so unique coming to Truro and wish the project well.