Locks of Love -especially poignant today

Today our daughters, Sarah & Olivia, donated their ponytails when they had their hair cut to use to make wigs for kids with Cancer. We currently have some extremely special people in our lives battling this terrible disease, including the two-year-old child of friends and colleagues. We also have some close family members fighting the disease. Today, one of our dearest friends was put into palliative care. And then there is our niece (in law) Emily who does not know what the future holds with her new diagnosis http://swimminhill.wordpress.com/2013/07/02/the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/. We wanted to do something that felt like we were helping and donating their ponytails was something that was age appropriate for the girls and made them feel like they were doing something – even if not for our own family or friends, then for someone who is special to someone else…



Olivia after. These are her natural curls…


Olivia after she had her hair straightened:


Sarah after. She has very thick, straight hair, so had (some of) her hair curled.


Beautiful sisters’ new haircuts!