Open for Business!

This year marks our 10th season welcoming guests to the Belgravia Bed & Breakfast. Over the years, we’ve done an upgrade or two each year; things like new steps, building a back deck & pergola, refinishing the hardwood floors, etc. This year, however, it was time to do some major work.

We closed our B&B for ten days this month while our roof was being shingled. Our roof is quite large, and Gordon & Chris worked from 7:30 a.m. until 9:30 p.m. in various weather conditions to get it finished for us in just nine days! We highly recommend Apple B Construction! These two men were pleasant and accommodating. They understood that we had a tight schedule and did every thing they could to work with us, with our insulation installers, and with our solar panel installers, to make sure everything went smoothly!

In those nine days, while the work was being completed outside,  we worked away inside the house to get things ready for the season. We were spring cleaning like crazy! We cleaned all guest rooms from top to bottom, replaced cracked windows, took advantage of the scaffolding and cleaned the upstairs windows inside & out. We cleaned curtains, carpets, and furniture, painted trim, re-organized the kitchen & dining room, and donated a lot of things we never use to the Canadian Diabetes Association. We got gardening done, painted the fence and outside of the house, and got rid of a lot of junk from the basement that had accumulated. We installed new blinds and iPod docking stations in each of our guest rooms. What a whirlwind!

We’d like to thank Jason Giddens and his team at  MJM Energy, who, in three days blew 800 cubic feet of insulation into our upstairs walls and installed foam insulation into our basement walls and headers.

Thank you to Mark MacCormack and his partner Adam, of Advanced Heating  Solutions, who installed our solar hot water panels. The first day they were set up, we had a leak in a joint. We called Mark, and he drove from Springhill to Truro late in the evening (on the Victoria Day holiday) to come and fix it for us! That’s service!

We’d like to thank Kevin and Lauren at Efficiency Nova Scotia for speeding through our solar panel pre-approval so that we can apply for a rebate now that they are installed.

Thank you to Matthew of  Sustainable Housing who spent over four hours here before the work started. He worked around our guests to perform an energy audit, again, so we will qualify for rebates under the newly rolled-out energy rebate program.

Thank you to Keith, of G&G Computers for actually hanging up the telephone and coming over to set up our new wireless internet booster when only certain computers could hook-in. We now have excellent wireless internet, no matter where you are on our property. (In the past, our thick plaster walls, while great for keeping noise out, was also interfering with our wireless signal – all fixed!)

Thank you to Lori, and to my parents Dave & Deanna, for helping with things like laundry, painting, cleaning, gardening, organizing, and keeping the kids occupied while we got finished. It was definitely a team effort!

We especially would like to thank our guests for their patience while we were closed. We hated to turn people away – especially our regulars – but we feel that our guests deserve a quality experience while staying with us, and you wouldn’t have had that during the period the work was being done! (We didn’t even wash the floors for a week because of all the people tracking in and out…)

Now that all the work is completed, we are again open for business and look forward to welcoming you to the refreshed Belgravia Bed & Breakfast!