Video from 2010 TIANS Awards Gala

I recently received the link to this video in my inbox.  It’s a clip of the TIANS Gala when Dick Lemon won the TIANS Award for Tourism Innovator of the Year.  When you watch this video and listen to Dick’s acceptance speech, I think you’ll understand why we felt compelled to nominate him!  (By the way, registration for the 2010 Not-Since-Moses will soon open.  Check back for information on our Bed, Breakfast & Run package!)

Not Since Moses

I realized that I’m getting behind on my posts – I promised photos from the Not Since Moses Run on Sunday!

We packed up the van and left our guests in the capable hands of my parents Sunday morning at 7:15 and headed to Five Islands for the Not Since Moses Run on the floor of the Bay of Fundy. I love the drive along the North Shore of the Bay, so was very excited that this was where our adventure was taking for the first summer vacation day-trip!

We got there early, before the tide had gone out all the way, so spent an hour or so on the beach, skipping rocks and admiring the view.


After awhile, we went back up and watched the 10k runners getting registered. This run had a totally different feel to it than the Blue Nose Marathon did. It seemed that the runners were there for the fun and adventure, rather than to beat their best time.


Despite the fact that we are used to the tides and know how fast they go in and out, it’s still amazing to see that this huge body of water can empty so quickly. This photo was taken about an hour after the one above…


It was so much fun to watch the kids race in the “Basket Run”. Our girls only made it down the beach; as soon as they had to set foot in the mud flats, that was enough for them!


Once we were all finished, we got our medals, changed our VERY muddy clothes and headed to Five Islands Provincial Park to have a picnic and watch the racers in the 10k. If you look hard enough, you can see the very tiny runners in a line in the top quarter of the photo.


I loved the fact that the kids wanted D’Arcy to tell them the story of how the Five Islands came to be over-and-over on the way home.  (The fable rather than the Scientific version!) It was a great first day of summer vacation and we’re looking forward to many more fun little trips around the province this summer!

Summer vacation!

Today was the last day of school (yes, on Saturday!!).  We are pleased to report that the kids had excellent report cards and have each passed on to the next grade!  It is a very proud day for them (and us!) and as I make beds, their grandmother has taken them out for a celebratory ice cream!  D’Arcy should be home from his school early this afternoon.

We will celebrate by putting the new barbecue together and going to bed early because we’re all headed to Five Islands tomorrow morning for the “Not Since Moses” run on the floor of the Bay of Fundy.  This weekend is the lowest tide of the year.  I’ll be sure to post photos of this fun event in Central Nova Scotia in the next day or so, but if you’re in the area, I recommend you go and check-it-out yourself!!