Family Literacy Day 2015

Although Family Literacy Day is on Tuesday, January the 27th each year, we celebrated early. D’Arcy is scheduled to have surgery this year on the 27th and when Sarah heard, her first comment was, “Oh NO! He’ll miss Family Literacy Day!” We have been celebrating annually since 2007, the year Olivia was a baby. Each year we have a slightly different format, depending on what is going on at the time. We’ve celebrated at lunch, at dinner, on the weekend, on a week-night, at our house, or at my parents’ house. The constants are that we all attend along with my parents, share books/magazines/newspapers, stories, and food. Sometimes the books we receive are new, sometimes, they are new-to-us, and there have even been years when books were borrowed from the library.

Family Literacy Day has become an event as special and highly-anticipated as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter at our house!

This year, we combined our Family Literacy Day celebration with a celebration of Auntie Ruth’s 86th birthday, and included Mirelle, our guest from Brazil. As the children have gotten older, the day has evolved to include questions that you must answer before receiving your book. “What are your earliest memories of visiting the library?” (My first visit was to story-time at six days old, but I don’t have a memory of that! 😉 ) “Where is your favourite place to read?” “What was your favourite book as a child?”

We had many laughs as we ate munchies, then assembled sandwiches from a recipe. We celebrated Auntie Ruth’s birthday with “Mud Pie” and discussions about technology.


Mirelle’s new book about Nova Scotia. She can take it back to Brazil to show her friends and family.


Auntie Ruth answers her question before opening her book.


Some sister-love for Evan. “What’s the most awesome thing to ever happen to you?” “My siblings.” ❤


Olivia and Beanah


D’Arcy reads his book while Alex answers his question, “Is there a book that you’d like to, or feel you should read?”


Sarah answers her question, “What was the best thing to ever happen to you?”


Sarah took forever to open her book of trivia.


Auntie Ruth chose the book for Ginna


Some time to enjoy our books between courses.


Family Literacy Day 2015


Happy 86th birthday, Auntie Ruth!


Fun together


Happy Birthday!


The perfect gift!


The whole family 2015

Evan drove us home, much later than we had intended, and way past bedtime. However, nobody wanted the evening to end.

For me, I’ll be reading my book, “The Blue Tattoo” by Steven Laffoley, a novel about the Halifax Explosion, on the actual date of Family Literacy Day while D’Arcy is in surgery. I’ll be happy to have a story to occupy my thoughts and help me pass the time. He’ll be happy, I’m sure, to have some new books to read during his recovery.

We’d love to know about other people’s Family Literacy Day traditions. Please tell us in the comments!

Just another School Day…

Terça-feira, Março 18

Today was a fairly quiet day as there were no scheduled activities other than attending classes.  Alex and Mullen dropped into Fabiana’s classroom to read stories and sing songs.

Mullen reading a story.

Mullen reading a story.

Listening to the story.

Listening to the story.

Alex reading a story.

Alex reading a story.

Ij your happy and you know it . .

If you’re happy and you know it . . .

Other classroom shots.

Mullen and Hanna in class.

In class.

Baileigh and Emma in class.


Alex in class.

Alex in class.

Tomorrow we will have dance lessons.

A Visit to Maple Bear Canadian Elementary School

Pi-day: March 14 (by D’Arcy)

As was mentioned in an earlier post, next door to Escola Crescimento is Maple Bear Elementary School.  This school utilizes Canadian curriculum and teaching methodology.  Students start at age 2 in the toddler class and for now classes go up to grade 4. They plan to add add a grade per year, over the next several years, to eventually have a school enrollment up to grade 9. Instruction is in English and Canadian educators are brought down to help with curriculum and methodology.  Fabiana Mondego, one of the teacher chaperones who accompanied the Brazilian students to Nova Scotia(and lived at our home), teaches at Maple Bear Elementary.


My homestay brother, Louis-Philip.

My homestay brother, Louis-Philip.

We were invited to go to Maple Bear Elementary and visit with the classes to read stories, maybe tell stories, and possibly answer questions.  Maple Bear students wear a uniform that has a white shirt with the Canadian Flag and red shorts with the Maple Bear Logo.  The classrooms are set up in a familiar fashion to what we see at home which made being in the classrooms feel more comfortable.  Our students were paired up and placed in different classrooms and they chose stories from the classroom libraries. They had very attentive audiences.  It was a great experience.


Jimmy and Mullen reading to Fabiana’s class.


Later in the evening, we will go to watch a volleyball game between São Luís and Castelinho.  I will update this game in the next post.

*Note from Anne: D’Arcy tells me that Alex was in a different room than he was, so there are no photos of Alex reading to the kids. He will be in Fabiana’s classroom again next week, so we’ll try to get some photos at that time – hopefully even of him reading to Louis-Phillip!