It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Yesterday marked the ninth anniversary of the first morning we woke up in our home. It was pouring the day we moved in, December 21st, 2002.  I had come to Truro with the moving van and got the boys’ room set up for them. D’Arcy taught, picked the boys up from the sitter, and joined me around suppertime.  We went to a restaurant just down the street, then drove to a local Christmas tree lot where we pulled up beside a tree, paid the man $10 through the window and he put it on the roof of the van.  The boys & I didn’t even get out.

That year, the tree was the only decoration we put up, but over the years, we’ve added three more and now put up four trees each year: one in the living room, one in the dining room, one in the family room, and one in the upstairs hallway.

Earlier this month, when we put up the dining room tree, I posted a photo on Facebook.  Holly Shephard, who grew up in this home, made a comment that her dad loved nothing better than decorating for the holidays and she was happy the tradition was continuing.  I’ve taken a few more photos as the house does look so pretty now. I hope Dr. Shephard would approve!

Even the bathroom gets lights & holly!

Living room fireplace - that's D'Arcy's stocking from home on the right, and one my mother-in-law made for me the year we were married, on the left.

The living room

The dining room fireplace

Dining room window

The banister leading upstairs

Poinsettia in the hallway

Nativity we bought when on our honeymoon in San Antonio, 1997

Upstairs hallway, guest sitting area

Family room tree

Today, the plan is to spend the day in the kitchen baking, so you can just imagine that the house will smell as much like Christmas as it looks!