Making a Splash!

On our last full day in Ottawa, D’Arcy started marking at 7am because they were still behind – 16 teachers were trying to finish marking 1,000 Science Exams in four days…  The kids & I had planned to go to the Canadian Museum of Nature after my cousin Chad had suggested it to us earlier in the week. My top Signature Strenth is “Input”, meaning that I love to collect information. When we go to museums or participate in tours, I absorb as many facts as I can, and it would seem that my children have inherited this trait. It takes us a really long time to go through a museum – not because we dawdle, but because we participate and take in as much as we can.

Kathleen was coming into the city anyway, so she dropped Evan & Alex off at the museum and Sarah, Olivia & I met them there. The temperature was forecast to be 36*C, so we were happy to be inside for the morning.

The Museum of Nature turned out to be one of the best museums that I have been to. We started out on the top floor in the “bird wing” and worked our way downstairs. There was just so much to see and do!! I felt guilty because I had made a lunch date with a childhood friend at 1:30 and we clearly were not going to be finished. Not wanting to miss anything, I suggested to the kids that we walk to meet Wendy for lunch and then come back to finish seeing the exhibits we hadn’t been to yet. They readily agreed!

The kids play a board game about birds and their habitats.

Continuing with our series of fun photos…

The Big, Bad Wolf chases two of the three little pigs in play area of the Mammal Gallery at the Museum of Nature.

Surrounded by dinosaurs!

Our lunch with Wendy at “Woody’s Elgin Street Urban Pub” was a highlight of our trip! Wendy & I first met years ago in the Truro Music Festival, where we were always in the same piano sight reading class, among others. We were also at high school at the same time, although she was a grade behind me. Through the wonders of Facebook, we have rekindled our friendship and were happy to meet up. It was as if no time had passed at all, and as if my children had known her forever. Wendy is a professional musician and currently playing in the pit orchestra for Ottawa’s Broadway production of “Wicked” at the National Arts Centre. There was no shortage of conversation, nor laughter, and the afternoon flew by. She presented the kids with a CD of music from the Broadway production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”. They were especially thrilled because Olivia, Sarah & Alex had sung “Happiness” as a trio together in the Truro Music Festival this Year, and Alex had been Snoopy for his musical theatre solo.

Having fun with Wendy at the Pub.

We had hugs, and she went off on her way, and we walked back to the museum to see the bottom two floors. At suppertime, we were finished and drove to the hotel to pick D’Arcy up. When we got into the van, it was measuring the outside temperature as 39*C – Brazil temperatures!! D’Arcy had finished about a half hour before we arrived for him, so had crossed the street to find a geo-cache at the Museum of Civilization.

It was the first time three of our children had ever been in heat this temperature!

We all drove together to Britannia Yacht Club to meet up with Kathleen, Bill & the cousins. We went swimming, had dinner, and listened to the band.  Kathleen even got D’Arcy up and dancing at one point. Reilly was fishing, William & Evan putted around in a boat, and the girls played on the playground &  with the dogs that were there. The cousins went swimming at dusk and all jumped off the pier together. It was a magical final evening together.

D’Arcy & his sister, Kathleen, dancing to the band

They can really cut a rug – er, a lawn!

Kathleen & Erin

Girls at the playground – this favourite position is why Sarah always wears shorts or leggings under her dresses!

Summer fun!

Dancing on the pier.

On your mark… Get set…


* This post was written while we were on vacation from July 1st – 15th. We are now back home and welcoming guests.

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